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Twitter Updates

    >> Next Tales Game Already In Development, 20th Anniversary Title Being Planned


    In a recent Play Community interview with Tales of Series producer Hideo Baba, he mentions that the next Tales game is already in development and that the 20th anniversary title is already being planned now that Tales of Xillia 2 has been released.

    The Play Community interview was done with PlayComm users asking Hideo Baba questions, and he raises two signs labeled "Yes" and "No" depending on his answer.

    When he was asked "Is work on the next Tales title already being done?" he raised the "Yes" sign in response. He comments, "In maintaining the flow of releasing one game after another, we always consider the concept of the title next in line." I'm not entirely sure if he's just referring to Tales of Hearts R, but most probably it's a different title.

    He further mentions: "In fact, we've been thinking beneath the surface for the 20th anniversary title."

    He also mentions that, aside from the 20th anniversary title, they are also thinking of other various ways to develop the series in general.

    Tales of Xillia was the series' 15th anniversary title and with Tales of Xillia 2 already released, I guess it's a given that work on the next title has already come up.

    You can view the video of the interview here.

    Posted by a745 on Nov 01, 2012 - 08:14am PDT Comments: 6
    Posted by Kitsy on Nov 05, 2012 - 02:56am PST
    Hmm, sounds good. Makes me curious about what the new title will be about! I'm hoping it will be yet another good Tales game. smile1.gif (Graces F's a nice game, I'm enjoying it and waiting for Xillia, which looks great).

    Still, we still have to wait for Xillia in the west, so I'm not in a hurry for another new game.

    I do hope that they will localize Innocence R and Hearts R...It would give me a reason to get a PSVita.

    And I rather not see the new title for WiiU. I don't have money for a new console like that. I'd rather they keep it on PS3. unsure.gif

    Posted by Danette-Anime-Otaku on Nov 04, 2012 - 08:58am PST
    I wonder if they are developing a title for the Wii U, the PS3 does have 2 ports and 2 exclusives at this point it would be nice to see new title on the new platform and hopefully a mothership title.

    Posted by Payne on Nov 01, 2012 - 08:18pm PDT
    Already? The Tales series is steadily becoming the Japanese equivalent of the Call of Duty series.

    Posted by Let on Nov 01, 2012 - 04:30pm PDT
    Develop the series in general? Beneath the surface? Interesting points of note.

    Posted by Reiki on Nov 01, 2012 - 01:48pm PDT
    Ah, just like the previous comment; if they are already working on the 20th Anniversary title for the series, then hopefully they put a lot into if it's really in development, getting ready for it, planning, etc...

    I'm interesting into what we'll see, however.
    "In maintaining the flow of releasing one game after another, we always consider the concept of the title next in line." Probably does refer to the next game after TOH-R since that's already 50% done, and probably a Mothership title, not a remake or Escort game.

    Posted by Eefara on Nov 01, 2012 - 12:22pm PDT
    Hopefully this means they'll be able to put more effort into producing the 20th ann. game, as opposed to Xilia.

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