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    >> What Happened Over At Tales of Innocence R's Launch Event: Demo & Cushions


    The Tales of Innocence R Launch Event in Kotobukiya has just ended. Here's a rundown of what happened. Though it was mainly just cushions, cushions and more cushions.

    UPDATE- A demo for the game has been confirmed, but no date yet on when, exactly. I kind of don't see the point of a demo 4 days before game release, though:

    Ryuji Oodate-san came out wearing a Katamari Damacy hat. After talking a bit, he got off the platform to take it off anyway. Afterwards, the latest available trailer was shown again, followed by a little talk about the pre-order bonuses and the new characters: QQ and Kongwai.

    Akiko Kimura and Saki Fujita, Ruca Milda's and QQ Selezneva's voice actors respectively, went up to talk about the game. Kimura-san mentions that the new opening theme song, New Day, New Life, really gives a great interpretation of how Ruca Milda feels throughout the game. A video of KOKIA talking about her new song and the game was shown after.

    Kimura-san and Fujita-san held a live mini skit as Ruca and QQ. They talked about the game's beginning story, basically. QQ introduces herself and about how Ruca and party first meet her (when they were fighting a huge monster). QQ has this habit of hugging people (she hugs Ruca in the skit), but Ruca tells her to stop. She complains why Ruca (and Ricardo and Spada) always tells her to stop hugging people, because for her "hugging is a way of showing happiness", but Ruca says it's just too embarrasing.

    They proceed to talk about Kongwai (and about how he's the only one QQ refuses to hug at all costs) and about his mysterious character and the whole thing about saving souls that Kongwai talks about. QQ complains he always talks with hard-to-understand words, but Ruca says he's been helpful anyway since he gave the party the Sorcerer's Ring.

    Skit ends and Oodate-san and the rest are just talking about the new characters and the game. Kimura comments that since it's on the PSVita, it would be interesting to use its function to take screenshots whenever you meet a new character or something.

    Starting today, Ruca and QQ cushion covers (the same ones shown before that was sold first during Tokyo Game Show 2011 but are now for sale in Lalabit Market, those that have a character's lines behind it) will be out on sale. Hasta was also popular enough to get a cushion cover. I checked Lalabit Market's Twitter though, and apparently they have cushions for all the main characters (plus Hasta, as mentioned). They also had a raffle for some of the Ruca and QQ cushion covers for the audience after the announcement (WHY CAN'T I BE THERE).

    That was pretty much the bulk of the event. The closing remarks started with Oodate talking about the Tales social Mobage, Tales of Kizna, as well as Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave. Akiko Kimura thanks everyone for coming to the event, and mentions that it would be beautiful if Innocence R got its own anime and hopes for one. HOPES for, anyway. Saki Fujita mentions that she's really happy to be a part of a Tales game. The two voice actors exit after giving their goodbyes.

    Lastly, Lalabit will be selling a sort of replica of Kongwai's book weapon, as well as what I think to be those books that contains the game info or game script? I'm not quite sure on that one.

    Before actually ending, Oodate mentions the Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave demo again, which will be out on January 26th and will be featuring Ruca and Spada's story.

    That is pretty much it. I guess the "small announcement" they talked about was either the cushions or the replica of Kongwai's book. "Small" announcements, indeed.

    Tales of Innocence R will be released in Japan on January 26, 2012. Pre-orders for Tales of Innocence R are now open on Play-Asia: Japan Version | Asia Version

    Posted by a745 on Jan 21, 2012 - 09:29pm PST Comments: 5
    Posted by Let on Jan 22, 2012 - 06:29pm PST
    Oh I forgot about the stream. >.<

    Posted by RyuHiroshi on Jan 22, 2012 - 04:26pm PST
    I want the cusion covers... ;_;

    Posted by Shiina on Jan 22, 2012 - 03:56am PST
    Thanks for the summary. I actually got up at 5AM to watch it but the stream refused to work properly D:


    Posted by Anon on Jan 21, 2012 - 10:49pm PST
    Thanks for the coverage, I converted the time zone wrong and missed it on ustream :(

    Posted by Linz on Jan 21, 2012 - 09:51pm PST
    The event sounds like a lot of fun. Makes me wish I lived closer to Tokyo since Kotobukiya's Osaka shop doesn't get as much of this (and it's much smaller ).

    Also, I wish LaLaBit Market would make Abyss cushion covers as well. :< I actually contacted them about this, but their response was, "there are currently no plans for Abyss cushions in the near future." Which basically means, 'probably not, but the possibility is there.' orz I will hope for them anyhow! They have them out for so many other Tales series already...

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