Meet the Staff

Abyssal Chronicles is run by a group of dedicated Tales fans from across the globe. Learn more about them here!

Active Staff

*Staff currently actively running Abyssal Chronicles.

a745Name: a745 (aka Abby)
Position: Head Admin; Site DesignerFounder; aka the Boss
Location: Philippines
Birthday: October 29
Favorite Tales game: Heart torn between Berseria and Eternia
Currently playing: Tales of Berseria (PS3, Japanese)
~ a745, known by some as Abby, is the founder and the current main administrator for Abyssal Chronicles. She started AC as a small project for her Computer Science class back in high school. Since then, AC escalated from a small project to become the biggest source for Tales news for fans. She practices her profession as a licensed doctor, but that doesn’t stop her from showing her love for the Tales of Series. She loves potato chips. A lot. Also, the website isn’t named after her. Please stop saying that.

DimensionSlipName: DimensionSlip
Position: Admin; News and Content Writer; Back-end Support
Location: Japan
Birthday: September 6
Favorite Tales game: Tales of the Abyss & Tales of Xillia 2
~ Prior to joining AC, Slip has been dabbling in other Tales-related endeavors, including but not limited to scanlating various comics, subbing drama CDs, and writing fanfiction. Currently lives in Japan and presents monthly offerings of the yen variety to the Tales of Shop at Akihabara–if not crying over empty wallets thanks to one Jade Curtiss and his merchandise.


MomoName: Momo
Position: Japanese Events Correspondent; Translator; Onee-sama
Location: Japan
Birthday: December 22
Favorite Tales game: Tales of the Abyss
Momo is a long-time huge fan of the Tales of Series and helps us cover Tales events in Japan. She also helps out with Japanese to English translations of Tales material and merchandise updates. Currently, she is residing in Japan. She loves Gintama a lot.

cutepreseaName: cutepresea
Position: May or may not be our Forum Moderator
Location: USA
Birthday: October 11
Favorite Tales game: Tales of Symphonia
cutepresea, or CP, has been with us mainly to moderate the forums and the shoutbox, but she did occasionally post news updates. She also runs a Tales Updates micro site over at TheOtaku

FlamzeronName: Flamzeron
Position: News Writer
Location: Georgia, USA
Birthday: March 27
Favorite Tales game: Tales of Eternia
~ A newbie to the AC crew, Flamzeron is a longtime Tales fan and a hardcore, materialistic nerd. With a passionate love for writing, he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in the field and has published two poems. Outside of Abyssal Chronicles, Flamzeron helps run the Skit Style BBS Podcast and writes on his personal blog, The Wheneverly Journal Place, when the mood hits him, but not too hard. More like a gentle tap on the shoulder. 


CaphiName: Caphi
Position: News and Content Writer; Translator
Location: USA
Birthday: March 13
Favorite Tales game: Tales of Berseria & Tales of Rebirth
~ Caphi is an old nerd who has loved Tales from Phantasia to Berseria, and loves sharing love! Other than that, he programs, translates, writes, and puns. 


Name: 8ro
Position: News Writer & Mobile Events Reporter
Location: Brazil
Birthday: August 12
Favorite Tales game: Tales of Destiny
~ 8ro, or Hachiro, is just a regular Tales fan who still hopes Tales of Destiny R gets an English localization someday, and is way too passionate/annoying about anime, games and Japanese culture. Also, he loves card games a lot.


VelName: Vel
Position: News and Content Writer
Location: Poland
Birthday: November 22
Favorite Tales game: Tales of Innocence/Innocence R
~ Game addict who draws a lot and devours books one after another. I’ve been associated with Tales series since internet was a luxury not many could afford and meeting another Tales fan on convention could be compared to finding a soul mate. Favorite hobby – patching plot holes at all cost and storytelling.

Name: Grace
Position: Content Writer
Location: USA
Birthday: March 12
Favorite Tales game: Tales of the Abyss & Tales of Xillia 2
~ Grace is an aspiring novelist currently rewriting her novel for the umpteenth time. When not writing or playing Tales games, she stares at her laptop for hours, ruining her eyes in the process, and watching anime and Let’s plays. She is also VERY scatterbrained. 

Name: lessiehanamoray
Position: Content Writer
Location: SF Bay Area, California, USA
Birthday: May 3
Favorite Tales game: Tales of Graces f
~ lessiehanamoray, lessie, spends her free time playing games, reading comics, and writing with a healthy side serving of convention attendance and spazzing over merchandise. She participates in National Novel Writing Month every November and acts as staff for Colorado Anime Fest in the spring, a job she was coaxed into with the magic words “Matthew Mercer”. Happiest when hanging out with her fellow Tales fans, she looks forwards to interacting with the community and sharing her love and perspective on the series with other fans.
AmyName: Amy
Position: Content Writer
Location: Connecticut, USA
Birthday: November 12
Favorite Tales game: Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Berseria & Tales of Eternia
~ Amy has been a huge fan of the Tales series ever since she first played Symphonia in high school. She expresses her love of this series in a variety of ways, from cosplaying to collecting figurines to making AMVs. She is currently trying to beat all of the mothership titles, but keeps getting distracted switching between them. Outside of her Tales obsession, Amy spends most of her time repairing computers, sewing costumes, and reading.

Name: Mura
Position: Mobile Events + Merchandise Reporter
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Birthday: April 28
Favorite Tales game: Tales of Xillia
~ Mura has done several Tales projects in the early and mid 2000s such as fansubbing Tales of Fandom Vol. 2 as well as writing a FAQ for said title. Outside of Tales, Mura enjoys the Legend of Heroes “Kiseki” or “Trails” series, as well as competitive games like Heroes of the Storm and Street Fighter V.

Name: Kurani17
Position: Discord Moderator
Location: USA
Birthday: July 12
Favorite Tales game: Tales of Symphonia

Name: MiHyun
Position: Social Media
Location: California, USA
Birthday: March 19
Favorite Tales game: Tales of Symphonia
~ MiHyun has been a big Tales of Series fan since Symphonia came out in 2003 and a long time gamer with a love of RPG and adventure titles. Outside of loving the Tales of Series, she helps runs social media and events for collegiate esports programs in California. She also attends various cons such as Anime Expo and MacrossCon. ~

Name: Khayyaam
Position: Social Media
Location: New York, USA
Birthday: September 29
Favorite Tales game: Tales of Graces f
~ When he’s not playing Tales, Khayyaam tries his best to get as many people he knows as possible into the series. He’s also a fan of all sorts of games in general, especially Fighting Games, Action Games and RPGs, and he loves to write and talk about them too, especially from a gameplay and game design perspective. One day he’ll make his own game, or be a voice actor in a game, but for now he’s happy just playing games and talking about them.

Name: Kiki
Position: Social Media
Location: USA (part-time in Japan)
Birthday: September 11
Favorite Tales game: Tales of Destiny DC & Tales of Destiny 2
~ Self-proclaimed normincarena master, Kiki is a total nerd for the series, complete with trash tastes in faves (Ivar anyone?) and a Tear-style secret weakness for sentient swords. When not gaming, she’s either writing, translating, cosplaying, or making funny voices. Her bestie is Tinkerbell, a stray kitty she took in during her time in Japan who has yet to make her a magical girl… or has she?

Staff on Hiatus

*Currently inactive but will be coming back sporadically.

sukotsutoName: sukotsuto
Position: Admin; Prize Manager
Location: USA
Birthday: August 27
Favorite Tales game: 
sukotsuto, or Scott, is one of the first staff of AC and is one of the main starting points for it to become as big as it is. sukotsuto was the one who encouraged moving AC from a free hosting to a paid domain, and it’s brought us this far. Though currently inactive on the front-end of the website, he is in charge of collating prizes during our contests. sukotsuto is also active as a freelance artist and sells his artwork on his Etsy.

Name: LaZyEnErGeTiC (aka Lazy or Tare)
Position: Forum Moderator; Back-end support
Location: Philippines
Birthday: October 26
Favorite Tales game: Tales of Vesperia
~ Lazy is a personal friend of a745 and is a fellow local fan of the Tales of Series. She boasts a wonderfully extensive collection of Tales figures and actively promotes them locally in the Philippines. She is an active cosplayer and figure collector. She loves Raichu a lot.

miken-chanName: miken-chan
Position: Forum Moderator
Location: USA
Birthday: August 22
Favorite Tales game:
Miken initially joined the AC family as the scanlator and head of Wings of an Angel, a Tales scanlation group. Since then, she moved on to also contribute to the website, mainly moderating at the forums.

Honorary Members

*Honorary members are people who have occasionally helped out with various things in AC, such as during events, interviews, and articles.

LexName: Lex
Position: Honorary Member; (worshipping Abby)
Location: France
Birthday: April 8
Favorite Tales game: Tales of the Abyss (but Zestiria close behind)
Currently playing: Tales of Berseria (PS4, Japanese)
~ Lex was declared as the official Tales of Ambassador 2014 after elections held at Japan Expo 2014, wherein she won cosplaying as Pascal from Tales of Graces f. She has since then gone around Europe promoting Tales of Xillia 2. She learned Japanese at the University then forgot everything. Make cosplays between work, games and TV shows. Very lazy ;w;. Loves Tales mascots, sleeping and HER CAT. One of the rare persons to love Zestiria 8D.

Inactive/Retired Staff

*Staff that once helped out with AC.

PicupName: Picup
Position: News and Content Writer; Forum Moderator
Location: Canada
Birthday: September 14
Favorite Tales game:
Picup used to write news and content for AC, but had to stop due to personal matters.
NatsumiName: Natsumi
Position: News and Content Writer; Forum Moderator
Location: USA
Birthday: July 30
Favorite Tales game: Tales of Legendia
Natsumi used to write news and content for AC, but had to stop due to health matters.
Name: TalesBelmont
Position: News and Content Writer; Forum Moderator
Favorite Tales game:
TalesBelmont used to write news and content for AC, but had to stop due to personal circumstances.
NicoleName: nectar-imperial (aka Nicole)
Position: News Writer
Location: USA
Birthday: July 23
Favorite Tales game: Tales of Xillia & Tales of Xillia 2

ravesperiaName: ravesperia
Position: News and Content Writer
Location: East Coast, USA
Birthday: March 25
Favorite Tales game: Tales of Symphonia/Tales of the Abyss/Tales of Zestiria

dagoldenclip2Name: dagoldenclip2
Position: Content Writer
Location: New Orleans
Birthday: December 11
Favorite Tales game: Tales of Phantasia

Sandra Litingtun
Sandra LitingtunName: Sandra Litingtun
Position: Content Writer
Location: Ontario, Canada
Birthday: August 21
Favorite Tales game: Tales of Berseria

PanbanRichardName: PanbanRichard
Position: AdminNews and Content WriterBack-end Support
Location: Canada
Favorite Tales game: Tales of Legendia & Tales of Innocence R