Slight Leave ^_^...

December 5, 2007 a745 0

Ahahaha, my copy of Tales of Innocence just came today (lol, a day early). So expect me to be away from the PC for a while, 'cause I'll be playing the game most of the time. We [Read More...]

Tales of Innocence - Intro Leak?!

December 2, 2007 Natsumi 0

Hi there AC visitors, Natsumi here with more news on the soon to be released, highly anticipated Tales of Innocence! Low-quality videos have started popping up on YouTube's Japanese site presumably featuring the Tales of Innocence intro.

Tales of Innocence Update + Media Update

November 27, 2007 a745 0

The ToI Staff Voice has just been updated today. Apparently,  SoftBank Creative will be releasing a "Weekly Tales of Innocence" which will consist of three volumes to be released weekly. The release dates for volumes 1, 2, and [Read More...]

Media Updates

November 17, 2007 a745 0

Thanks to our supporter, Danette Sheron, we now have the the following songs for download (and in the Tales of JukeBox):

Media Updates + Many Thanks~!!!

November 13, 2007 a745 0

Thanks to our very own Ju-da-su, we now have the full version of Tales of Innocence's opening song, Follow the Nightingale. The download is over at the Tales of Innocence Audio page. Speaking of which, we've updated the [Read More...]

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