About Amy
Amy has been a huge fan of the Tales series ever since she first played Symphonia in high school. She expresses her love of this series in a variety of ways, from cosplaying to collecting figurines to making AMVs. She is currently trying to beat all of the main titles, but keeps getting distracted switching between them. After being a dedicated Tales of Link fan who grieved when the game ended, she is now filling that hole in her life with Tales of Crestoria (player ID 206-914-322). Outside of her Tales obsession, Amy spends most of her time repairing computers, sewing, and reading.

Tales of Crestoria: Mieu EX Summon

October 10, 2020 Amy 0

Tales of Crestoria has announced that the latest special EX Summons event will feature Mieu, the first playable mascot character in the game! An SSR memoria stone named "Mieu [In the Woodland Sun]" will be [Read More...]

Tales of Crestoria: Halloween Summons

October 1, 2020 Amy 0

Tales of Crestoria has announced that the next Premium Summons will feature SSR memoria stones with seasonal art for Estelle and Asbel! The memoria stones are named "Estelle [Halloween Witch]" and "Asbel [Count Asbela]." Like [Read More...]

Tales of Crestoria: Leon EX Summon

September 7, 2020 Amy 0

Tales of Crestoria has just announced a special EX Summons event featuring Leon! An SSR memoria stone named "Leon [Armed with Friendship]" will be added to the EX Summons with an increased chance of appearing. [Read More...]