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A745 (or Abby, as most people call her) is the founder of Abyssal Chronicles. She is currently a doctor, but that doesn't stop her from showing her love for the Tales of Series. She loves potato chips. A lot.

ToDDC Updates + Site Updates ^_^/

February 1, 2008 a745 0

And yes, it's February 1 here already. As for ToDDC, new commentaries have shown up in their Special section. This time, the commentaries are from Philia's and Marian's voice actors.

ToR PSP, ToS-R, and ToDDC Updates from Tales Channel~

January 25, 2008 a745 0

Okay, first off, for Tales of Rebirth PSP, a preorder bonus has been confirmed, called Dramatic DVD: Peach Pie Edition (lol), which will be containing footage of Jump Festa 2008, interview with the voice actors, and the usual skits.

New ToDDC Trailer~

January 17, 2008 a745 0

A new trailer for Tales of Destiny Director's Cut has just been put up over at the Official ToDDC site.

What's On With AC~

January 6, 2008 a745 0

So yeah, no updates in a while... Mainly because there aren't really any updates to begin with.

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