English version of Tales of the Rays to Shut Down

On their official website, it has been announced that the international versions of Tales of the Rays will be shutting down on May 29th, 2018. The purchasing of Mirrogems has also been disabled as of the posting of the announcement, as well as a statement on their Facebook page.

No exact reason was given for the closure. It should also be noted that only the international version is shutting down at this time. Those who are playing the Japanese version will still be able to play.

The staff of the development and publishing team extended their thanks, and ask that fans "please continue to enjoy Tales of the Rays until the very end."

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  • This Sucks

    The Japanese get to keep their version, but we get squat. Nice.

    • Mikleo

      The Japanese version's really doing well in the Japanese market, so it's far from shutting down. Well, it's because they're advertising the game so well. Unlike WW which the last advertising they did was the first trailer.

      Another reason is that MRG prices are so insane in WW. Imagine 2 multi pulls costing 100 dollars, and there's even a high chance that you won't get the stuffs you want? Of course that's a big turn off from the shop.

  • donkey101

    Lol didnt this just came out? Wow

  • Simon Low

    I feel so dead when this announcement came out! T.T

  • Deltath Riylaan

    It feels like Tales is dying a slow death and it breaks my heart.

    • InfinityAge11

      There's no real reason to feel that way though. Within Japan, the series is still doing amazingly. Outside of Japan, the series is still on an upswing. Zestiria sold really well and Berseria had very positive reviews and the like. I think Rays shutting down has been the only negative thing for a while and in the end, its just a mobile game.

      • Deltath Riylaan

        There are plenty of reasons. First off, Zesteria sold decently well, yes, but Berseria sold much worse by comparison, though admittedly still okay. No new Tales game has been announced. Berseria has been out in Japan for going on two years. In the past, new titles are usually announced before the release or just after the release of the newest title. The Switch title, whatever it was to be, was slated to be released by the end of the 2017-2018 financial year, which ended by March 30th. Meaning it didn't even get info released for it by the time it was supposed to be out.

        Next, Tales of the Rays and Tales of Link both shutting down. Tales Studio lost Baba Hideo and had reportedly downsized multiple times over the last 10 years, again recently. Go Shiina also left, too. Zestiria anime is over. Nothing is on the horizon. It definitely doesn't guarantee we won't see anything else announced this year, but it paints a bleak picture.

        Also, this next part you may not care about or have ever had any interest in, but.. the Tales series fan translation community just died an ugly death. The group that previously translated and released Tales of Innocence, Tales of Phantasia PSX and Tales of the Tempest had been working for years on Tales of Destiny Remake and Destiny 2. Just a month or so ago they announced they were shutting down and ending all projects, even though they were nearly finished. They also won't be releasing any of their work. The translator who had worked on Tales of Hearts for DS also cancelled his projects and one of the other teams that was working on a few different things similarly shut down. And the team working on Tales of Rebirth is on an indefinite hiatus.

        Just saying all of that is disappointing to me, as a Tales fan. And there's nothing right now to even be excited about. At first I thought their focus was going to be heavy on mobile, but even that is drying up. Alas.

        • Cole

          From what i heard though alot of people are glad Baba left. And at this point the switch game seems like its going to just be a port. The problem with Tales of the Rays is that it was extremely free to play friendly there was no reason to buy the mirrogems because they basically just gave them out for free if you played daily. But i do see where your coming from the tales series in the west seems super dead but i believe we will get something at E3