Tales of Game Coming to the Nintendo Switch!

After the Nintendo Switch presentation last night, the Japanese site for the console was updated revealing several upcoming titles. Among these games is an unannounced Tales of game.

Tales Nintendo Switch 3s

Just like several other titles revealed during the event, not much is known about this game, but it's good to see that a Tales of game is currently planned for the upcoming system.

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PanbanRichard has been a part of team AC since November 2006. While not as active as he used to be, he still appreciates the series for how far it's come. Responsible for various Tales projects including the Tales of Marathon Stream, Tales OP Chorus Medley and the Tower of Tales.

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  • zip

    I don't expect a completly new Tales. Hopefully it's a port of an older Tales game, preferably Xilia or Vesperia (PS3).

    • Phoenix Wright

      I would love for it to be Vesperia PS3, but I just hope that whatever it ends up being gets localized

    • Linkfire

      It probably won't be a mothership title. I hope it will be Radiant Mythology 4 or another cross over

  • Simon Low

    I am guessing the game on would be "Tales of the Rays", which was announced last time for mobile. I hope they don't make a new game that early yet. Too many Tales games I have yet to play and I am not prepared for a completely new game to be released so early.

    • Natsu

      Honestly, they could just do a "Tales of" collection(s).

  • DCHShadow

    This is awesome. Plus, the switch isn't region locked, so when they eventually don't localize the game like usual, we can still play it. Can't wait...please localize whatever this game is. Please Namco.

    • InfinityAge11

      "so when they eventually don't localize the game like usual," is factually wrong, though, unless you're still living in 2009. The only ones we haven't gotten are cross over portables and TOI. They've been doing a good job recently; I think they'll localize whatever comes out for Switch.

      • DCHShadow

        While yes I will admit they are doing great with mothership titles, escort wise, we didn't get heroes twin brave, didn't get asteria, didn't get reve unitia, and remake wise, there have only been two since 2009 (the destiny ones were arcade so not counting), phantasia nariki dungeon X which we didn't get, and innocence r which we didn't get probably cause hearts r didn't do amazingly. Sooo, unless it is a mothership title, I don't expect it, especially since we didn't get reve unitia, and I was expecting since 3ds and all, Nintendo feels like the correct demographic but.

  • Leon Kioku

    *cough* Tales of VS 2? *cough* Radiant Mythology 4? *cough* Just want a Crossover Tales Title on a home console.

  • Zeonis

    I am buying a Switch either way but I hope it is a Tales game I really want!

  • Zachary Begnaud

    I'm very curious on what to expect. Seriously hoping for a new mothership title. I would love to see major releases on two different consoles again.

  • What Name?

    It would be awesome if Tales had a crossover with a completely different company's game series.

  • BotW


    Everyone should buy the Nintendo Switch.

  • Tropxe

    I'll wait for the Switch to die and for the improved port on PS4.

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  • Colin

    I know I'm really excited about this! I can't wait to hear more about it!