VIVA Tales of Magazine To End Regular Monthly Releases After November 2015 Issue

The Tales of Series will be having an orchestra concert to commemorate the series 20th anniversary this December in Japan!

Bandai Namco Entertainment Japan just announced that there will be an orchestra concert for the series this December. The event, nurse named Tales of Orchestra Concert will be held December 9, treat 2015 at the Tokyo International Forum, nurse Hall A to celebrate the series' 20th anniversary.

The concert will apparently have music from the mothership titles played out in full orchestra fashion. More details will be released via the websitesoon.
The October issue of VIVA Tales of Magazine announced that it will be stopping monthly releases after the November 2015 issue.

After the November issue, healthful
the magazine will still be coming out, but at irregular intervals for special issues and such. The November 2015 issue of the magazine, which will be released on September 28, will have more info on the matter.

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