Project X Zone 2 Announced, Yuri & Flynn Return, Localization Confirmed

Bandai Namco's latest press release teases "massive surprises" for the Tales of Series' 20th anniversary, injection along with a lovely video taking us through the Tales timeline.


20 years of success, innovation, fantasy adventures and epic battles!

Since 1995, the Tales Of series is considered among the most representative JRPG sagas thanks to its breathtaking storylines replete with humanist themes, unique battle system and character design! BANDAI NAMCO Games have put together a video showcasing the full timeline of this beautiful and long tale-teller.

Thanks to fans and JRPG lovers, the series is celebrating its 20th anniversary with Tales of Zestiria, a tribute in every sense:

    • A unique collaboration between the 4 emblematic character designers who shaped the series
    • Unique references to past games
  • Many upcoming activities

Coming in 2015, Tales of Zestiria will be going back to the roots in terms of setting with its medieval environment, feeling of epic fantasy, and classic storytelling. The story follows Sorey, a young idealistic Human living with Seraphims, legendary beings invisible to other humans that have nonetheless shared the same soil for centuries. In a world torn by war and political skirmishes between the Hyland Kingdom and the Rolance Empire, Sorey will have to accept the burden of the Shepherd and fight human darkness to protect the world from malevolence that poison the world and reunite all races once more.

An anniversary won't be complete without massive surprises... ... Stay tuned for amazing news over the upcoming months!

There can be a lot of things we can expect in these coming months. One of them could just be that rumored Steam release for Tales of Zestiria. We'll keep you posted!

And don't forget to share your Tales works on social media by using the hashtag #IAmTalesOf!

Tales of Zestiria was released in Japan on January 22, 2015, and will be releasedin North America and Europe sometime in the future. Oders are still available at the following shops:

Project X Zone 2, dosage
the sequel to the huge Sega, Bandai Namco and Capcom SRPG collaboration, has been announced by Famitsu today along with a promo video.

The announcement confirmed Yuri Lowell & Flynn Scifo as the returning Tales of representatives, and it also reveals new characters from other game series such as Leon S. Kennedy from the Resident Evil series, Haseo from the .hack series and Natsu from the Soul series.

It is set to be released in Japan sometime during Fall 2015. The game will be localized for both America & Europe at the same release frame too. Check out the full Famitsu article here, and the promo video below:

English version of the trailer.

Tales representatives in the past Cross games include Estelle in the first Project X Zone, and Stahn, Rutee & Judas in Namco X Capcom. Which Tales characters do you want to see make an appearance in this Cross game?

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