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Abyssal Chronicles is a labor of love for Tales of Series fans by Tales of Series fans. Unfortunately, it takes a lot from the AC staff to nurture said labor of love.

The staff runs the website and handles expenses from our own pockets, including server costs and other miscellaneous expenses. In addition, we hold massive contests every major game release. For these contests, prizes are huge, pricey and though we get help from the Bandai Namco branches, we still shoulder around 70-80% of the expenses for these huge contests. Safe to say, we shelf out around $400-500 per contest we hold. Sometimes even way more than that.

With that said, we could use all the support we can get! There are a variety of ways you can help AC out:

  1. Become a AC Patreon Subscriber - For just $3 USD, you can not only support AC's efforts, but you can also gain access to exclusive Patreon content. Go to our Patreon page for more details.
  2. Please don't use AdBlock while visiting AC - One of the major ways we earn enough for the contests we run is through advertisements displayed on the website. Obviously, having AdBlock on lessens the number of views we get on our ads - and in turn, our contest budget. So please, turn off AdBlock for Abyssal Chronicles, or white list the site itself on AdBlock. Thank you!
  3. Donate directly - Feeling generous? You can actually donate directly to Abyssal Chronicles! We can assure you that all donations go straight to the website budget. In addition, your desired nickname/display name will be placed on the site's footer, unless you specifically say you don't want that done. You can donate below:

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Thank you very much for supporting Abyssal Chronicles!