1. Spamming
    • Please don't repetitively send messages that have no purpose. If you need a place to do this, this is not the server for it.
  2. Respect
    • When having discussions, please be mindful of the perspectives of others. Don't let personal emotions cloud your understanding of opinions and facts, and don't allow that raw emotion to personally attack others. What makes us all individuals is our unique take of life--which also involves our experiences in video games. If somebody likes a Tales of title that you don't, don't take it personally. Strive to contribute to the discussion, don't let it become a personal battle amongst folks. Nobody wants that at the end of the day, so please be considerate of this.
  3. Spoilers:
    • No matter how old a game is, please don't spoil any major narrative/plot points for it. I've seen constant times that a person's experience of a game is ruined by the moment that they read a spoiler. A good discussion of a game doesn't necessarily require spoilers to be brought up. If you find yourself wanting to discuss Tales of spoilers, only do so in the #spoilers-discussion channel. DMs are highly encouraged as well.
  4. SFW:
    • Do not post any 18+ material on this server. Also, try to keep swearing at a bare minimum. There are other words you can use to contribute to any discussion. Posting NSFW material or over-excessive swearing will not be tolerated.
  5. Piracy:
    • Do not direct link illegal ROMS or have discussions about pirating games. You can discuss backing up your own games for emulation/patch purposes.
  6. Issues:
    • If you have any issue with regard to what's happening at the channel, don't hesitate to ping myself or any of the staff members here as well. Try to avoid backseat modding (over-excessive moderation if you aren't a part of the staff).

These rules are listed in the #info-rules channel.
Please be mindful of them before you join, and have fun~!

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