Patreon Exclusive - Guidelines for Submission for Letters from the Abbey Entries

For our Consul Praetor patrons and above, please see below the guidelines for submission for entries for Letters from the Abbey.

Articles/opinion pieces can be ANYTHING about Tales, provided they follow certain guidelines below.

  1. Written pieces must be original and by the author. It should not have been copy-pasted from a different blog, unless that author himself/herself already had it on her blog but would like to also publish it on AC.
  2. Keep things PG13. We cannot accommodate NSFW topics and matters that may be controversial for others, like politics, etc.
  3. There is no word limit, but please have the opinion pieces at least a paragraph long.
  4. Each Consul is allowed to submit every two months. The column itself, will try to run monthly.

Patrons may submit their articles via e-mail at in either the body of the e-mail or as a Word attachment. Please include your Patreon username in the e-mail. Thank you and enjoy!