Aselia - The Tales Wiki, The Biggest Info Hub For The Tales of Series

Have you visited Aselia - The Tales Wiki recently? Because they just got a new revamped layout and a ton of new updates!

I'm sure most of the Tales fandom knows this already, but Aselia - The Tales Wiki is practically the biggest source of Tales info you'll ever find on the internet.

For those who haven't gone through it ever, or for those who haven't checked it in a while, the Wiki got expanded a great deal last 2015. Hundreds of pages have been added and the Wiki's infrastructure has been re-hauled for easier navigation.

One particular new addition to the Wiki is the implementation of enemy arte list pages, cataloging antagonists' artes in the same manner they did before with the protagonist arte list pages. That alone has actually added nearly 300 pages to the Wiki!

Do pass by the Aselia - The Tales Wiki! The current admins, Arosia and Lanate, are doing a really good job of maintaining such a big information encyclopedia for us fans.

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