Alphen - Tales of Arise

How much do those damn Renans have to steal from us before they’ll be satisfied?
  • Localized Name: Alphen
  • JP Romanized: Alphen
  • JP: アルフェン (arufen)
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: Not yet announced
  • Height: Not yet announced
  • Weight: Not yet announced
  • Designed by: Minoru Iwamoto
  • Race: Dahnan
  • Weapon: Not yet announced, but seems to be a Broadsword
  • Class: Not yet announced
  • Voice Actor:
    • JP: Takuya Satou
    • English: Not yet announced

A young man from the planet Dahna who wears an iron mask. He has lost both his memories and his capability to feel pain. Since he cannot feel pain, he does not notice it when he receives injuries. He sports a thick, heavy armor in order to avoid carelessly hurting himself or accidentally dying because of this handicap.

Taking the blazing sword from Shionne upon meeting her, he fights for his freedom from Rena.

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