Lailah - Tales of Zestiria

I’ve waited long for this moment. For one who is of pure heart and free of corruption. A shining vessel to whom my words will reach.
  • Localized Name: Lailah
  • JP Romanized: Lailah
  • JP: ??? (raira)
  • Age: Unknown
  • Height: 172 cm
  • Weight: 
  • Designed by: Mutsumi Inomata
  • Race: Seraph (Fire)
  • Weapon: Paper
  • Voice Actor:
    • JP: Miyu Matsuki (deceased); Noriko Shitaya (in Zestiria the X)
    • English: Carrie Keranen
True Name (Spoilers)
  • Fethmus Mioma (JP: ????????, feosu meima) – “Lailah the Pure”

Lailah is a fire seraphim who resides within the sacred blade in Hyland. Known as the Lady of the Lake who guides the Shepherd to his destiny, she has waited long for a person with the qualities required to become the Shepherd. She is as kind as she is calm, though she has occasionally been known to have a few wild ideas. She knows much about the hellions and acts like a battlefield officer, offering detailed advice to her companions.

She acts as the Prime Lord of Sorey's contract with the seraphim and has the other seraphim as her Sub Lords. She holds the power of the flames of purification which is able to purify the hellions, but she is bound by an oath to never talk of the past in order to keep them. She is known to make sad attempts at changing the subject. She likes puns.

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