Zaveid - Tales of Zestiria

Hey, it was a hellion. And hellions belong in hell.
  • Localized Name: Zaveid
  • JP Romanized: Zaveid
  • JP: ???? (zabiida)
  • Age: Unknown
  • Height: 187 cm
  • Weight: 
  • Designed by: Minoru Iwamoto
  • Race: Seraph (Wind)
  • Weapon: ???
    • Actual weapon (spoilers?)
  • Voice Actor:
    • JP: Kenjiro Tsuda
    • English: Ian Sinclair
True Name (Spoilers)
  • True name in localization unconfirmed.
  • (JP: either ?????????, firukuu zadeya or ?????????, wirukun zabie) – “Zaveid of the Promise”

Zaveid is a wind seraph who has been travelling and hunting down hellions by himself. His demeanor is elusive just like the wind and sometimes he's all talk. He can be a frivolous guy who goes after girls, but in an instant, he can get serious. His fighting style and experience towers amongst the other seraphim. He seems to enjoy fighting strong, formidable opponents, and he becomes an unstoppable, raging storm once he's in battle.

Despite having a fighting style similar to Dezel, he seems to be carrying around a gun in battles. His objectives are unclear, but he will kil any hellion without hesitation and will even willingly go against the Shepherd for that.

Full Story
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