Hey guys!

SyphonVectorman insisted me to introduce myself and what my position at AC is. Well I'm TalesBelmont, I'm the New Translator here at AC and Forum Mod. currently i am finishing up the Translations for the ToS: DoW and ToV Jap Sites, i have the translation for the new update to the ToV Site today which is the System Section Update(thanks to SyphonVectorman for informing me of this), i will be posting that tomorrow as an edit since I'm so tired right now T_T(it's 1:37 A.M o_O) well i'm going to give more of an introduction in the Staff section so i'l be vague here but i will say that it is an honor to work for AC and i will try to be the best translator for you guys so you can get the info you want
EDIT: it seems the ToV Site is mostly based on Kanji(which i am not familiar with:/ i know Katakana(kana) and Hiragana, Kanji is very similiar to Chinese so from what SyphonVectorman said mikenchan you know some chinese right? if so can you assist me in thissmile.gif