New Famitsu Interview for ToV

A new famitsu interview reveals some new things about ToV(Courtesy of RpgMonkey of Gamefaqs)
-Flynn is on a journey because of a mission he accepted to do.

-It seems there are assassins after Flynn's life because of his mission(s) and motives.

-Flynn will become entangled with the party, but whether or not he joins we'll have to play to see.

-there is a small amount of friendship between Flynn and Estelle. It seems Flynn was a bodyguard/escort for her a while ago.

-Apparently the whole thing with Repede's former owner doesn't become entangled into the main story.

-Yuri is an acquaintance of his former owner.

-I think it says Repede was designed by Radiant Mythology's staff (I think Gouda said it was the art director)?

-The pipe is a memento of his former owner. But as I said, apparently none of all this stuff is going to be a part of the main story.

-Each party member has a main weapon and sub weapon. Repede's chain is an example of a sub weapon.

-Yuri's main weapon is a sword and his sub weapon is his fist. Estelle's are swords and staffs and her sub weapon is her shield. Really makes you interested in what the rest have, huh?

-You can learn unique skills from sub weapons.

-The appearance of armor changes along with weapons and sub weapons. Don't know to what extent this goes to though.

-Apparently Repede has a voice actor. They're waiting to reveal them, unless I got this wrong and they're still finding one.

-Repede doesn't talk in event scenes, but you can see his activity and stuff while they're happening.

-He's in skits (but I don't think he'll be talking there either), but I think they say he has various facial animations and stuff. I think this may have confirmed that Repede doesn't talk (human) speech if I interpreted this right.

-Repede can cook and gets titles.

-Though those two people with Flynn are his subordinates. He also gets promoted in the story.

-There is no blood relation between Flynn and that Blond Haired kid, apparently his part in the story has more to do with Estelle.

-Flynn and Yuri come from the same background. Guess this gets rid of my notion that Flynn was from a slightly more important family than Yuri.

-Already explained the item synthesis and stuff a while back, but in case this is new news, the probability of getting items increases when you do one of those instant kill attacks.

-Talks about the skill system, don't think it's anything particularly interesting in there, but there seems to about the same amount of skills as Abyss, and you can make important treasures (think the Special Flag and stuff).

-There's a weather system, but it's not random. Certain requirements are needed.

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