My Apologies, Looks Like Version 3 Will Take Longer Than Expected

... OK, Pow Hammer me if you must, but this is an advance notice, just so you know.

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After a little talk with someone from the staff, it looks like Version 3's release will take a much longer while than expected. At first, I wanted to just release it in its initial state, but then, after that recommendation, I decided to just wait until we have everything coded. The layout itself is complete, it's just the content that's going to take a while to be done. I want Version 3 to be released in a state as complete as possible (so that I won't have to do much anymore once it's out hahaha -shot-). And the fact that my classes start this Monday doesn't help that at all :(.

And like I said, the contest can't start without Version 3 because I'll be utilizing the layout somehow for it. To compensate, I'm thinking of adding an additional prize. First prize is still a secret, and the other prize (probably third place) is a copy of Tales of Vesperia (English US version) courtesy of Legacy. I'm thinking of adding another one, possibly Tales of VS. (if it doesn't get localized, then the Japanese version, so boo).

Just to give you an initial idea on why it's taking so long, imagine it like this: I'm starting from scratch. It's basically discarding all the current info I have on the site on the Tales pages, and replacing them with accurate and more complete info.

So again, my apologies if it's taking sooo long, and thank you so much for supporting AC all this time.

Oh yeah, to those who keep on asking, the Vesperia, Hearts, RM2, VS., and Graces sections all come with Version 3. All other updates on the fan stuffs (fanfics, graphics, comics), media (videos and music) and guides, they all come with Version 3.

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