Slight Leave + New Affiliate! + Happy Valentine's Day~!

Okay, so it's currently my midterm week. I have a total of seven exams alone for tomorrow, Thursday, and 2 more exams this Friday. So yes, I won't be online much. And Friday is my dad's birthday, so yes, family time =D. As for the new affiliate, we are now affiliated with Final Fantasy, an upcoming site for the Final Fantasy XIII games. They've showed me their layout plan, and things are looking very good for them. Drop by once in a while to check if they're open.

So anyway, wish me luck! -goes back to Chem book-

EDIT: -puts down Chem book-

We'd like to greet everyone a
Happy Valentine's Day!
Spend this special day with your special someone, or maybe muster up the courage to confess to your special someone! It can't hurt to try, right? Good luck~!

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