Am Back~ + New ToS-R Scan, the Release Date, and Game Rating~

Yes, am back (I still have one more exam actually, but it got moved to Monday). Anyway, thanks to Stryker_Zeta from the Official Tales Forums, we just got a new scan from Weekly Shonen Jump featuring two new characters!

They actually already appeared in the previous group art (here), but they weren't introduced properly. The big surprise is that they actually appear before Emil and company as villains first. They will actually fight against Emil and company. No news yet if they really will remain villains.

The first one is the girl who was previously named before thanks to a character sketch from that 10-page Nintendo Power article, Alice. She is introduced as the cheerful (and cute) leader of the Vanguards, who seems to also have control over some monsters. And what's cute is her attacks end with a heart symbol. From the scan, it's obvious that she's a magic user.

Secondly, the guy who we jokingly called as Kratos' and Yuan's illegitimate son, is named Dex (katakana read as dekusu). From what I could make out from the scan, he is also a member of the Vanguards who is quite devoted and loyal (in that sort of way, if you know what I mean) to Alice. From the scan, his weapon seems to be an oversized (and may I add, overdesigned) sword. And his attacks amusingly start with a "D," like in the scan.

And from this article from, the release date of ToS-R Japanese version will be on April 24th of this year. Many thanks toLotus from the Tales Forum for pointing this out.

EDIT: Also, if you'll look here, the game has already been rated by CERO as B. That means it's targeted for the 12 and up audience. If you'll notice, the only two Tales games rated as a B are Tales of Innocence and this one. ToI contained a lot of stabbing, so we might see the same here. Haha.

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