So, Just a Little Message About the Site

Since version 3 is under way (but still faaaaar behind), I'd like to announce the expected changes, besides the look and probably the navigation.
The Tales of pages, if you've noticed, have reviews and ratings by staff. By next layout, we would also like to include reviews/ratings from our site visitors. So if you have a review for one of the games, especially those that we still have no reviews of, please feel free to do so, we would appreciate it very much :3. We will give proper credit links and such of course. We would just like to request that the review be, at the very least, 250 words or more, and that you give the game a rating of out of 10, with a very brief explanation of why you rated it as such. Thanks to all those who will send.

Another would be the game guides. We have a few here and there, but we would surely appreciate some more :3. Even if you see a walkthrough already up, we can still post yours here. Again, we will follow credit links and such.

For affiliates I'm thinking of making site buttons visible only for affiliates that are Tales related somewhat, and have the others as text links alone. Although I'm still thinking about that.

If people would recall, I said before that I might add a new section (that was waaay back). That said section is actually a section for Tales video parodies. You know, those Tales-inspired videos you see around YouTube that make you lol all the time XD. I've asked around a few of those video owners already, but if you have your own, please feel free to submit! The more the merrier~

Hrrmm, aside from that, I can't really think of anything else. Those long list of reported dead/misleading links have been fixed, but the media pages themselves haven't been updated yet to adapt to those fixes... lol -shot shot shot- So far, the new character pages are done for both Phantasia and Destiny and the character pages of my own favorite characters nyayahah.

All questions, submissions, rants and death threats go to Do take note that all submissions for those above won't be out until version 3.

Thanks for everyone's support!

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