TALES OF CRESTORIA (Test Build - English) Playthrough Highlights and Reactions by Abyssal Chronicles

Watch us freak out over Tales of Crestoria

Last week, we got the opportunity to play through Tales of Crestoria. Check out our game highlights, comments, and reactions to this promising new addition to the Tales of Series!

Bandai Namco Entertainment gave us the opportunity to play through a test build of the English version Tales of Crestoria last week. Check out our game highlights, reactions and overall impressions on Tales of Crestoria over at our YouTube Channel!

In the video:

Please note that the game build we played through is a Test Build and may have a few typos and errors. Hopefully, the open beta and the final game will be different.

The video may include minor spoilers, but not too heavily. Guidelines from BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment were followed. Major spoilers are blurred out or not included in the video at all.


  • 03:08 - Summons
  • 04:21 - Home UI
  • 05:35 - Checking out some of the 3D character models
  • 09:53 - Chat stickers
  • 10:40 - Tales History section
  • 11:21 - Main Story snippets and playthrough (including battles)
  • 31:38 - Character rooms and attachments (DAPPER LUKE)
  • 36:40 - Side Story sneak peek
  • 37:39 - You either LOL or OMG with Crestoria's story ._. (no spoilers, don't worry)
  • 40:58 - Other game features (Raids, Arena, Guilds, Awakening and Ascending characters)
  • 42:52 - The game's amazing music

For those wondering, Tales of Crestoria is surprisingly solid. GREAT story, the cast is lovable, the art is gorgeous and DAMN the music. Please play it once it's out in your regions. It's a worthy addition to the series and the Main Story aspect alone will keep you hooked.

For those who live in Canada and Indonesia, please note that the Open Beta is currently ongoing for the next 5 days.

*Game visuals and sound effects are under development. ©MUTSUMI INOMATA ©KOSUKE FUJISHIMA ©BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, Inc.

Tales of Crestoria
Tales of CrestoriaTales of Crestoria is an upcoming mobile title dedicated for smartphones that is an entirely new story and doesn’t focus on previous Tales of titles. The game features Kanata Hjuger, a young man branded as a Transgressor because of the crimeof “protecting someone important” to him. The game will be released for iOS and Android on 2020.

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