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So yeah, no updates in a while... Mainly because there aren't really any updates to begin with. As for the site, since it was the new year, we went through a thorough check up on the media, and as expected, we found a bunch that have already been deleted from SaveFile. This is why we're considering to have MediaFire, on account that they don't have a set time limit for uploaded files. In the meantime, sukotsuto has been reuploading the missing files, so expect them to be up in a few days. Also, I have a question for you guys: Do you still consider the WMV versions of the videos important? 'Cause if not, we'll just, um, ignore them.

And there are supposed to be a LOT of updates for the avatars, signatures, wallpapers, fanart and fanfiction sections, but school has put me in a dilemma. There's just so much schoolwork going on that I barely have time for the site. And I think there are updates to be done in the Tales of pages. The Tales of Vesperia page shall be up soon, and we're thinking of adding a Tales of Destiny: Director's Cut page as well.

So anyway, look forward to the Tales of Innocence HQ opening up on the media sections, plus the ToI OST as well, courtesy of MewArrow. We also have the omake dramas from the Vol4 of the ToS OVA courtesy of cutepresea. There are also some more new media to be added, but I'm just too busy. In the meantime, go on and have another argument about Tales of Vesperia's console or something.

Opinions and suggestions are welcome!

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