Sword Art Online returns to Tales of The Rays with new characters!

revealed in a starburst stream

In a livestream dedicated to Sword Art Online's anniversary, a new collab with Tales of The Rays was announced ,and it is currently running! Read on to see what's new and how to play!Sword Art Online first collaborated with Tales of The Rays exactly 4 years ago in 2018. It has since been the longest any collaboration has gone without rerunning, making this current event a triumphant return! The returning characters are of course the hero and heroine Kirito and Asuna. This time they're joined by new characters from Sword Art Online Alicization: Eugeo and Alice! We also have quite a lot of Tales characters joining in on the fun. Part 1 has the Tales characters returning from the first time the event ran: Mileena as Leafa, Rita as Sinon and Colette as Yuuki. Part 2 will have a brand new set of Tales characters dressing as Sword Art Online characters: Estelle will come with her own Asuna costume, Grune with her own Leafa costume, Law as Kirito and Rinwell with a new Sinon costume.

The first order of business is of course to recruit the Sword Art Online characters. To do that, just go to the Event Quests tab and play through the quests, with the characters pictures being unlocked early in each quest list! The second one, featuring Kirito and Asuna has powerful challenge quests at the end so be careful. After recruiting all the characters, you'll start a raid via the banner featurin Law and Rinwell.

There's quite a lot of Gacha banners in this event as well! Keep an eye out for the Free Single and Multi pulls as well as the Dia Step Up banners!

Tales of The Rays x Sword Art Online Alicization Start Time End Time
SAO Kirito/Asuna Quests August 22 2022, 18:00 JST September 8 2022, 10:59 JST
SAO Alice/Eugeo Quests August 22 2022, 18:00 JST September 8 2022, 10:59 JST
SAO Part 2 Raid Quests August 31st 2022, 21:00 JST September 8 2022, 10:59 JST
SAO Kirito/Asuna Event Shop August 22 2022, 18:00 JST September 8 2022, 10:59 JST
SAO Alice/Eugeo Event Shop August 22 2022, 18:00 JST September 8 2022, 10:59 JST
SAO Part 1 Gacha Banners August 22 2022, 18:00 JST September 8 2022, 10:59 JST
SAO Part 1 Grade Shop August 22 2022, 18:00 JST September 8 2022, 23:59 JST
SAO Part 1 Ticket Banners August 22 2022, 18:00 JST September 8 2022, 23:59 JST
SAO Part 1 Gacha Banners August 31st 2022, 21:00 JST September 8 2022, 23:59 JST
SAO Part 1 Grade Shop August 31st 2022, 21:00 JST September 8 2022, 23:59 JST
SAO Part 1 Ticket Banners August 31st 2022, 21:00 JST September 8 2022, 23:59 JST
Tales x SAO Unison Attack Online Co-Op September 3rd 2022, 00:00 JST September 4 2022, 23:59 JST

Be sure to refer back to this if you're worried about how much time you'll have left. Remember, you can only get Sword Art Online characters and Sword Art Online artes/costumes for Tales characters during the event period!

Before anything, you should use your free pulls. Just go to the gacha tab on the bottom right and look for the options that cost 0 Diamonds or Mirrogems!

There's also a Dia Step Up for the collaboration characters. Step up banners are usually paid currency only, but they give a higher chance at Master and Mirrage Artes the more you pull on them. It's advised to take advantage of this too, especially since Grade is shared between related banners.

Since this event is technically half rerun, there's two sets of event shop currency to acquire, as well as 6th enhancement orbs for SAO characters. Use each featured character enough times to get the enhancement orbs, and use MAs, spend AP and perform Just! inputs to acquire currency. There's one set of currency for Kirito and Asuna's shop and one set for Eugeo and Alice's.

After you've done every quest you'll begin farming using the 40 or 80 AP quests at the end of Alice and Eugeo's event banner. (Update: Now that we're in part 2, the farming quests are no longer available. There is now a raid, so read ahead.)

The most important things to get in the shop are Event Weapons (4* artes available in both shops), Mirrage Shards (crystals with character icons on them to increase max level) and 6th enhancement orbs for SAO (the spheres with the two swords crossed). In addition to that, you'll get a special blue ticket for every farming quest you complete, collect enough and you'll be able to spend them on tickets that guarantee mirrage artes or 5*s for this event!

UPDATE: Part 2 is here so it's time for a raid! Tap the quest banner featuring Law and Rinwell to enter the raid screen.

On the raid screen you'll see a list of available bosses. Tap the boss you want to fight.

You'll be taken to a list of quests. Complete each quest to unlock the next difficulty.

After you've completed all the difficulties available, your goal is to repeatedly complete the highest difficulty quest you can consistently get a good score on. You're scored based on the amount of time you take and the amount of damage your longest combo did. The highest possible bonus is gotten by using characters with as high bonus as possible and completing the battle in under 15 seconds with most of the boss' HP done in one combo. Note that MA animations freeze the timer so the strategy is to do as much damage as possible while building your MAs before 15 seconds are up and then chaining as many of them as possible.

When all players have collectively earned enough points, the next boss gets unlocked. As of the time of this writing, the current latest boss is Rinwell and Grune. When all bosses have been completed the raid ends and all players get rewards! There's also many rewards for scoring individually. 3 million is the point total to aim for, as there is a guaranteed Mirrage Arte ticket.

There is also an online co-op session running for the first weekend of part 2! All event featured characters are allowed, of course.

There's also a new panel of missions for even more rewards this event- including a ticket that guarantees a Gacha Mirrage Arte! Here's how the panel screen looks along with a translation of each mission.

Complete Event Quest #01 Complete Event Quest #10 Use 5 Mirrage Artes in quests
Defeat 10 Enemies in Quests Complete 5 Quests With Alice (SAO) on your team Complete 5 Quests With Eugeo (SAO) on your team
Use 200 AP Collect one day's Log-In Bonus Collect Log-In Bonuses for 7 days


Finally, the arte and costume previews. We've also updated it to include all artes and costumes from part 2!

First a look at everyone's new costumes-including Kirito and Asuna!

Now here's a look at everyone's individual MA and 5* previews!










That's it for now. We'll be updating this article as more things are released for the collaboration, including event timings. Be sure to check out soon for more info!

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