Tales of Asteria JP: Summer Festival / Richard's Disguise (Solo+Guild Rewards)


08/13/18 - 4:00PM ~ 08/31/18 - 3:59PM JST (Quests)

08/13/18 - 4:00PM ~ 09/07/18 - 11:59PM JST (Shop Exchange)

This year's solo reward is an awakenable 6 star Emil unit. In this event, you will be collecting water yo-yo's via the special event quests banner.

The first of the 3 Emil awakening materials can be found simply by just grinding out water yo-yo's, while the other two can be bought using the collected water yo-yo's. There are two types of yo-yo's: The common ones you get by the bulk, and the rare ones (which look like water melons) that don't always drop when running the quests:

As for the guild rewards, a 4 star Richard is obtainable once your guild reaches a cumulative total of 125,000 water yo-yo's:

Passed 125,000 yo-yo's are the usual power up rewards as well as the landmark tear drop for a free single pull in the gacha. Happy hunting!

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