Tales of Asteria JP: Summer Festival Gacha (2018)

Duration: 08/13/18 - 4:00PM ~ 08/31/18 - 9:59PM JST

This year, Leon, Rose, and Anise are the awakenable 6 star units. "Step Up" is in effect when doing 10 rolls. However, since these are the new units for the year, Step 5 (your 5th 10 roll) will only get you a 20% chance in getting one of these 3 units as opposed to 100% Step 5 on re-run banners.


Iria serves as the 4 star for this banner.

Good luck to all of you rolling! (There is a high chance that Veigue, Edna, and the rest of last year's units will return in the coming weeks. Hang onto your orbs if you're holding out for them instead!)

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