Tales of The Rays - A Tir Na Nog Christmas: Ivar's Top Secret Mission event is live!

Christmas With The Kresniks

There's still time left before the new year, which means it's time for Tales of The Rays to celebrate a very Xillia Christmas!

It's been a hectic few months of celebrations hasn't it? Eternia's anniversary, a Slayers collaboration for that franchise's anniversary and then the Tales series' 25th anniversary. Well Rays festival has ended, and the anniversary Boss challenge which is still ongoing until February (you can check out the details on that event here) is a one and done type of event. Now it's time for a more relaxed typet: a Christmas event!

This was shown in the December PV and will feature the only new character introduced this month: Ivar from Tales of Xillia! This is the first time he's ever been playable, but as a recurring boss fight and memorable supporting character he's a perfect fit for Rays. He uses his Xillia 2 design and his Mirrage Art scene is from that game as well! The returning featured characters are RowenAgria and Victor. Victor joins Mithos in the ranks of boss characters with seasonal Mirrage Artes, and it's a bit of a surprise that Agria would get a seasonal mere months after she was released.

The event times are below! It follows the standard event format - complete all the quests, then farm the highest AP quest you can to buy out the event shop. The featured characters give rarer high currency, so form a team that gets you as much currency as possible! In addition to the above featured characters, all Xillia and Xillia 2 characters now have their 6th enhancements. The event shop and log in bonuses will provide 6th enhancement orbs, so take the opportunity to make characters from those games even better. I would personally suggest shooting for artes that have the ability to be used aerially due to the 6th enhancements now! The Boss Challenge also gives tickets to use on 6th enhancement orbs for each series. Also, there's a daily mission to spend 100 AP for victory tickets, and to celebrate christmas the log-in bonuses will also give many more tickets.

A Tir Na Nog Christmas: Ivar's Top Secret Mission Start Time End Time
Event Period December 21, 14:00 JST December 30, 10:59 JST
Event Shop December 21, 14:00 JST January 6, 10:59 JST
Gacha Banner December 21, 14:00 JST December 30, 10:59 JST
Ticket Tower December 21, 14:00 JST January 13, 10:59 JST

Here's a translation (Thanks to fellow AC Staff member Kiki!) of the event synopsis provided in-game: ❝While prepping for Christmas, Jude & co. chance upon Ivar in town. They barely say their hellos when an abrupt request from a mysterious person arrives for Ivar. The Santa Society is being sabotaged, you say?! Tonight Agent Ivar will face a great evil—!❞

The Santa Society is a reference to previous Christmas events in Tales of The Rays, where individuals are chosen to help deliver presents every Christmas. Furthermore, the Producer's Letter mentioned that this event will be about a place where Santa is said to dress in black.

Now for the usual arte and costume previews.

Here's a group shot of all the Xillia characters who have Christmas costumes, including ones from previous events. To celebrate, this tweet also announces a new Co-Op session featuring these eight characters, so look forward to that!


Taking up the role of "Dark Santa", Victor gets to deliver Elle's presents personally! Also, don't let the silly christmas themed animation fool you: Victor's Seasonal Mirrage Arte is stronger than most Overrays. He puts his all into everything.


Agria's own take on Dark Santa gives bad kids what they deserve with the punny "Jingle Hell". She also has a unique effect on her new Reverse Master Arte that covers her in a field of fire that damages enemies near her for a short time.


Rowen takes the more traditional Santa role and even delivers presents to other child characters such as Mao! His new 5* entails the wind glider he can make with spirit Artes in Xillia.


Ivar's Mirrage Arte is the complete opposite of his original Mystic Arte: jumping to the air to split the sky instead of the opposite. Those who've played Xillia 1 may know why this fits a little too well.

That's all for this event! The next event is the Graces Anniversary Spirit Gear event. Keep an eye out for more news soon, and enjoy the series' 25th anniversary event!

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