Tales of The Rays January 2020 Preview + Version Update News

Aileron Family Reunion!

It's the new year, so use your newfound 2020 vision to check out Tales of The Rays' new preview!

Bandai Namco's Youtube Channel has finally updated with the first preview of 2020:

People following along with the twitter may not be shocked due to the tease that was released a short while before the preview, but the rest of us may be surprised to learn the first new character we're getting this month is Lilith Aileron. That's right: Stahn's sister, secret opponent in the coliseum and optional party member from Tales of Destiny!

But even more shocking and surprising... is the second character we're getting. It's none other than Lymle Aileron! Who's that you ask? Lymle is Lilith's daughter who appears as the coliseum boss in Tales of Destiny 2! Unlike her mother, she has never been playable and has also never made an appearance outside of Destiny 2. In fact, as you can see in the video, she doesn't even have status or skit art to use for the announcement! This is a deep cut, but a welcome one- giving obscure but cool characters like Lymle a chance to be fully playable in a game with LMBS is exactly what makes Rays so wonderful. Presumably, she'll have new, full art when she releases!

Of course, the two of them come in the next event! (Note: The video states they're story characters, but a later twitter post clarified that this was a mistake and they are actually event characters.) Naturally, since the two were optional coliseum fights in their own games, the new event will also be Coliseum themed. The other two characters featured in the event are Judas and Loni! Presumably, they will get new costumes, mirrage artes and maybe even mirrage gears as well, but previous coliseum events have not necessarily given all of these to featured returning characters.

Next up is a new batch of Spirit Gears! This time, we're getting the first couple of Tales: Cress and Mint, and joining them is Reala! Cress, fittingly, makes a pact with Origin for his new Gear. Surprisingly, Mint's comes from Sylph. Presumably, Reala's is Undine since she namedrops Aqua Limit, the Mystic Arte associated with Undine in Destiny 2.

That's it for January's preview, but not it for news! The end of the video teases that this isn't all that's coming for January. I wonder what else they could be hiding? Until then, there's more news unrelated to the Preview.

First is that Tales of WHISteria has finally been added as a permanent fixture to the game! It's the classic WHIS minigame from Tales of Eternia, now available inside the Tales of The Rays app as a full multi-player online game, complete with ranked and friend matches! There are rewards for playing ranked matches including a mirrage ticket, and you don't necessarily lose ranks for losing a match, so it's suggested to give it a go to collect those rewards. You can play the game from inside the room.

Next is version update detailes from The Producer's Letter. Firstly, it details January 2020's event schedule: Spirit Gear Event in late January, Coliseum event at the end, and more to be announced (there's that tease again!). Secondly, it details what's coming in version 3.7.0: the All-Out Battle Tower which was detailed previously... and the long awaited Training Mode which will let us take any character for a spin, try out their artes and try to construct combos!

That's it for now. Stay tuned for more info- the announcement hidden from the PV can drop at any moment!

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