Tales of the Rays x Gintama Collaboration Announced For Japan

Tales of Gintama!

After a while since the little shoutout to Tales that the Gintama manga and anime had, we're finally getting a Tales of the Rays and Gintama collaboration in Tales of the Rays.

Beginning January 13, 2020 at 2PM JST, a Gintama collaboration will begin with Tales of the Rays: Fairies Requiem and will run until January 30, 2020, 1:59PM JST. Check out the trailer below:

The collaboration will include characters from Gintama, as well as have a select number of Tales characters to get new Mirrage Artes with them dressed up as Gintama characters.

Gintama Characters:

  • Sakata Gintoki (CV: Tomokazu Sugita)
  • Kagura (CV: Rie Kugimiya)
  • Hijikata Toushiro (CV: Kazuya Nakai)
  • Okita Sougo (CV: Kenichi Suzumura)

Tales Characters with new Mirrage Artes:

  • Alvin (Tales of Xillia) dressed as Sakata Gintoki. Alvin is also voiced by Sugita.
  • Edna (Tales of Zestiria) dressed as Kagura
  • Hubert Ozwell (Tales of Graces) dressed as Shimura Shinpachi
  • Ludger Will Kresnik (Tales of Xillia 2) dressed as Kondo Isao. The surname of Ludger's voice actor happens to be Kondo as well.
  • Fractured Milla (Tales of Xillia 2) dressed as Shimura Tae
  • Kratos Aurion (Tales of Symphonia) dressed as Hasegawa Taizou. Both of them share a voice actor (Fumihiko Tachiki).

The event will be divided into two parts. Part 1 will begin on January 13, 2PM JST  while part 2 will begin on January 17, 2PM JST. Both will end by January 30, 1:59PM JST. Part 1 will include Gintoki, Kagura, Alvin, Edna and Hubert. Part 2 will include Hijikata, Okita, Ludger, Milla and Kratos.

Fun to note in the trailer that the Gintama characters have parodies of the Tales Mystic Artes, like Kagura's parody of Satsugeki Bukouken and Gintoki's parody of Luke's Radiant Howl.

A Retweet campaign is ongoing where the Tales of the Rays JP account will reply to you with the event image if you Retweet the following Tweet:

A short skit between Gintoki and Kagura is also available:

For those who aren't aware, Gintama has already featured Tales in one of their old episodes (this was also in the manga).

Check out the collaboration website here.

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