Tales of the Rays JP: "Spirit Gear: Stahn, Leon and Veigue Edition" Event Overview

Gear yourselves with the power of Efreet, Gnome and Celsius!

The long-awaited Spirit Gears for Stahn, Leon and Veigue are here, gear up with the power of the Spirits!
From July 12 (14:00 JST) to July 30 (13:59 JST).


Gather Rainbow Element and Trading Goods currencies by clearing the event stages and exchange them for various items at the event exchange shop and Material Trading Shop.
Stahn, Leon and Veigue gears provides higher bonus drop for event currencies.


In this event, we have three 'Trial Quests' (Those being the Trial of the Spirit: Fire, Trial of the Spirit: Earth and Trial of the Spirit: Ice), where players can adquire large amounts of Trading Goods via Daily Event Missions. Enemies in these trials take even greater damage from their weakness element and less damage from all other elements. Plan your party well!

There are daily missions to get 'Trading Goods' by clearing each of the three Trial Quests everyday! Daily Missions reset at 00:00 JST.

Thanks to Khayyaam and Kiki for providing the panel screenshot!

The Mission Panel is a panel of 9 Missions tied to the event characters and is the fastest way to get Spirit Pieces to level up your Spirit Gears. It gives a total of 100 Spirit Pieces for all three characters, a Room Poster and lots of Chiral Crystals and Spirro Jewels. Note that the Mission Panel can only be completed once and it doesn't reset.

The missions are as follows:
- Clear 8-1 of Arc 1 on NORMAL
- Clear 8-16 of Arc 1 on NORMAL
- Clear 14-1 of Arc 1 on NORMAL
- Achieve Level 50 with STAHN
- Achieve Level 50 with LEON
- Achieve Level 50 with VEIGUE
- Clear Trial of the Spirit: Fire
- Clear Trial of the Spirit: Earth
- Clear Trial of the Spirit: Ice

The Room Poster is all three characters' Spirit Gear Cut-ins!


A gacha banner associated with the event is available until July 31 (13:59 JST) and contains 3 characters: Stahn, Leon and Veigue.
This gacha banner DOES NOT include any Mirrage Artes as its higher-rarity gear -- only Spirit Gears at the usual rate of 5%.
There are no rate-ups.
Summoning with Mirrogems grants a guaranteed 5* mirror gear and a Summon Ticket.
Summoning a Spirit Gear will automatically level it up to Rarity 3. Getting additional copies will grant players 500 Spirit Pieces for that character.

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