Tales of The Rays - New Co-op Beta Test + Karyl Takes The Stage!

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It's been a while, but a new beta test period has started for the online co-op! And this time with Destiny characters!

First things first, Tales Of The Rays: Fairy's Requiem Chapter 15 just released and brought us Karyl Sheeden from Tales of Destiny! He was teased in the story since arc 1 finished but he finally makes his playable debut now. As with all recent story characters, you can also get 6th enhancement orbs by playing through on normal and hard, using Karyl enough times and  getting him to level 60 within a month. Get his new Mirrage Arte from the banner, and you can get his rockin' new costume too! Check it out!

The date and times for the missions and the story banner are below. The banners feature Karyl, Stahn, Leon and Rutee, with Leon and Rutee's seasonal Mirrage Artes included and a rate up on Stahn's Decisive Mirrage Arte, also included.

Chapter 15:  Sounds That Tell of Life and Death Start Date End Date
Gacha Banner May 28th, 14:00 JST June 25th, 13:59 JST
Ticket Banner May 28th, 14:00 JST July 2nd, 13:59 JST
Step Up Banner May 28th, 14:00 JST June 12th, 13:59 JST
Destiny Enhance Orb Missions May 28th, 14:00 JST June 28, 2020

The latest update to version 3.9.0 has brought us a new period for the beta test! If you recall from last time, the characters allowed were limited to Rays and Link characters. This time, it's Destiny character exclusive!

Tales of The Rays Online Beta Test Start Date And Time End Date And Time
Beta Test 2 May 27th, 15:00 JST May 31st, 13:59 JST

This time we have a 4 day period to play online. If all goes well they may release the mode fully, if not there may be more beta tests. Here's hoping!

We're still working on an in-depth guide for the mode, so I'll summarize what co-op entails. The only characters allowed this time are the following:
and lastly, the recently released Karyl Sheedan.

Just like before, the character selection is a random pair of characters you choose from the pool. You may use a random room or a private room with friends. The challenge is to defeat 100 enemies as fast as possible, with a time limit that extends as you advance through. There's only 3 players in a room, but each has 2 characters they can switch between using Switch Blasts. There are also badges that provide special effects and buffs that you can equip, including a new set this time around featuring Destiny characters!

If you want more detail on how co-op works, refer to our post covering the last time they ran a beta test.

That's all for now. Expect more detailed new about co-op soon, and if there's anything you wish to know more about, leave a comment here, on any of our other channels or join our discord!

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