20 years ago today, Tales of Phantasia was released for the Super Famicom. From there, a series of JRPGs spiraled to life, bringing to us one of the most loved JRPGs in the world.

Happy 20th anniversary, Tales of Series! May you continue to bring us games that'll be forever dear in our hearts.

I think it's needless to say that I love the Tales of Series with all my heart. When I first played Tales of Eternia (Destiny II for the PS1) way back when I was in elementary school, I completely fell in love with how quirky yet deep the story was, and how the real-time battle system was handled. Since then, the series has practically got me by a leash, to the point that I started this website. Thanks to all who've been giving us their support!

Don't forget that the Tales of 20th Anniversary Party stream will be later at 10PM Japan Standard Time of December 15th. Who knows, maybe we'll get news on upcoming games?

Today also marks Tales of the Abyss PS2's 10th anniversary in Japan! This game holds a special place in my heart, especially since, well, Abyssal Chronicles' name is derived from it. Abyss was also the game released for the Tales of Series 10th anniversary!

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