Namco Bandai EU & Insert Coin Clothing Hold A Tales of Shirt Design Contest

As part of Namco Bandai Europe's ongoing Tales of Series community project "Your Tales of, Namco Bandai, in collaboration with Insert Coin Clothing, is pleased to announce their second project: a Tales of Series T-shirt Designing Contest.

Fans from all over the world (yup, it's open to outside Europe, too) are invited to submit their own t-shirt designs inspired from the Tales of Series. The winning designer will not only get a chance to see their design printed in a limited (not for sale) run of 200 t-shirts, but they will receive 10 t-shirts themselves along with an exclusive Astro Gaming A30 Tales of Graces f design headset.

The competition opens July 16th and fans are asked to submit their designs via the Tales Series Facebook page. Once submissions close on August 13th, the series’ producer Hideo Baba will pick his top 5 favourite designs before fans are asked to return to the Tales Series facebook page to vote for the winner.

The winner will be announced on the European Tales of Graces f launch day (31st August 2012). Lucky fans will be able to win the remaining t-shirts through various community-based competitions.

Check out the official project page here, here for designing guidelines and tips, and the full terms and conditions here.

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