Rumor: HD Remaster Of The Tales of Symphonia Games For the PS3? *UPDATED!

The people from were able to have an interview with Tales of Series Producer Hideo Baba during Expomanga 2013. Though they haven't posted the entire interview just yet, Baba-san had apparently dropped the info that a possible Tales of Symphonia: Perfect Edition for the PlayStation 3 - which would basically be an HD remaster to include both Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World.

This is, at the moment, a RUMOR that Koi-Nya managed to get from their sources. Though they wanted to confirm it with Baba-san, he wasn't in a position to confirm it, but he mainly said that "This is a representation of the hopes and dreams of fans who have long been asking for it."

UPDATE (May 14, 2013): Koi-Nya has posted their full interview, and here was what Baba-san had to say when asked about the rumor of a Symphonia Perfect Edition:

"I'm surprised that such a rumor reached Spain. It may be a rumor, or it may be true. I don't know. *laughs*"

It seems only time will tell whether this is for real or not.

Also part of the rumor is that, if this Perfect Edition ever does come into fruition, we will at least be seeing it released in the West... and that (RUMOR!!!) "Tales of Xillia 2 is getting localized." - Okay, so this wasn't in their interview at all. I guess this was false information. Sorry guys.

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