Tales of Innocence R: New Screenshots & New Mystic Arte Videos (UPDATED)

The official site also put up 20 new screenshots of the characters' old Mystic Artes (now with the new dual cut-ins and new animation), the in-game costumes, the coliseum (featuring Milla Maxwell from Tales of Xillia) and sub events.

UPDATE (Dec. 28, 2011): Added more screenshots and artwork from 4Gamer:

View the rest here

The site also mentions that there will be various obstacles within dungeons (i.e. puzzles, moving boulders) and that the Sorcerer's Ring will be a big part in getting through them.

Aside from the screenshots, the usual weekly video update features Spada and QQ's Mystic Artes:

Pre-orders for Tales of Innocence R are now open on Play-Asia: Japan Version | Asia Version

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