Tales of Innocence R Preorder Bonuses: Other Tales Want To Be In The PSVita Too

More details on the pre-order bonuses for Tales of Innocence R are up on the game's official site, and it seems other Tales games want their fair share in the PSVita limelight as well.

As I mentioned in this post where new character Conway/Konwei was revealed, the main pre-order bonus of the game is a download card, specifically named a Special Dramatic App Download Card. This card features a group illustration of Ruca, Iria, Spada and Coda together by Mutsumi Inomata, along with two download codes for two PSVita applications.

The first app is called ToI-R Adventure Skit Drama - The Heroes That Connect Thoughts (roughly speaking), a skit drama that features Ruca, Iria, QQ and Conway together with Jade (Tales of the Abyss), Rita (Tales of Vesperia), Caius (Tales of the Tempest) and Shing (Tales of Hearts). This little drama differs from the usual ones because you get to make choices in the skit, and the ending of the whole drama will differ depending on your choices. In the skit's summary, we basically have Caius and Shing complaining that "It's not fair if it's only Innocence! We want an adventure in the PSVita, too!" Hmmmm.

Anyway, the second app is a ToI-R Omikuji (Fortune) Clock. You basically get to draw a fortune choosing a character (among Ruca, Iria, QQ and Conway only) and the character will say your fortune aloud as a sort of alarm.

Again, Tales of Innocence R will be released January 26, 2012. No news yet on when pre-orders will start.

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