Tales of Puppet First Episode Released

The show focuses on presenting the series in a funny way.

Bandai Namco's official youtube channel just released a video called "Tales of Puppet Episode 1 (Tales of Phantasia)"

Named "Tales of Puppet: A RPG to Understand in 5 Minutes-or-so", the show presents itself as "A discussion about the Tales of Series' mothership titles in a funnier way, with Puppets? Kind of."

This first episode has Cress and Stahn talking about Tales of Phantasia.

Tales of Phantasia
Tales of PhantasiaTales of Phantasia is the first and founding title for the Tales of Series, first released back in 1995. At present, it is the title with the most number of ports and/or remakes and also has an anime OVA adaptation. The game features heavy influences of time travel and a bit of Norse mythology. It is confirmed as a distant sequel to Tales of Symphonia.

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