The Awesome Prizes For The Tales of Series 20th Anniversary Ichiban Kuji Prize Lottery

The latest Tales of Zestiria Livestream shows off the upcoming prizes for the next Tales of Series Ichiban Kuji Prize Lottery.

To those who don't know what it is, an Ichiban Kuji is a prize lottery held by Banpresto wherein fans pay a fixed price and get a chance to win any of the available prizes via lottery. For the upcoming Tales of Series Ichiban Kuji, which will start January 2015, the main theme is the series 20th anniversary.

The list of prizes include:

Prize A - 20th Anniversary Poster

Prize B - Chibi Kyun Chara Vignette ~Tales of Memorial Cake~

Prize C - Cheria Barnes Figure

Prize D - Drama CD and Mini Poster

Prize E - Face Towel (3 kinds)

Prize F - Picture Holder with Tales of Zestiria DLC Code (Sorey 7-11 Employee Costume)

Prize G - Rubber Strap (8 Kinds)

Last One - Short-haired Luke fon Fabre Figure

Double Chance Campaign - Ludger Will Kresnik (Chromatus form, I think)

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