Happy 22nd Anniversary, Tales of!

Happy 22nd, Tales!

Today marks the 22nd anniversary of our beloved Tales of Series!

22 years ago today, the first Tales of game, Tales of Phantasia was released for the SNES in December 15, 1995.

Steadily building a fan base passionate about the series' stories, its quirks and renowned battle system, Tales has slowly but surely made its name known among JRPG enthusiasts.

Its latest entry in the series, Tales of Berseria, is recognized as one of the top games the series has to offer.

Happy 10th Anniversary, Abyssal Chronicles! Thank you so much!

Today is a monumental day for Abyssal Chronicles - We're celebrating our 10th anniversary!


Bandai Namco to Hold Tales of 22nd Anniversary Special Livestream on December 16th

To commemorate the upcoming 22nd anniversary of the Tales of Series, Bandai Namco Japan will be holding a special program with (hopefully) new information!


Remember that Bandai Namco will be having a special live stream to commemorate this event later at 8PM JST. It's all happening in an hour!

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