Tales of Luminaria - Ana-Maria Episode 2 Review: The Little Lady's Big Adventure

“Yum, the sweet taste of victory!”

It’s finally time for the Episode 2 reviews! I took a long break because I wanted to know where I should go from here. I cannot talk about gameplay since I already went through them the first time around. I came to the conclusion to just talk about how I felt about the episode in general. They might be a bit shorter compared to the previous reviews, so I hope you bare with me.

This episode takes place right after Charles Episode 1, which makes Lydie Episode 1 still feel out of place. Why did they do that, seriously? Well, we did get the hilarious scene of Lydie wanting to experiment on Charles. Lydie with a scalpel is iconic.

Regarding Ana-Maria episode 2, I liked this episode. The story is about Ana-Maria exploring the city until she, Ed and Raoul get caught up in a beast incident where a large beast kidnaps a child. 

I think this episode fleshes out Ana-Maria positively. It makes you realize that she’s an interesting character when Charles is not around her. She learns about the harsher aspects of the world while still maintaining her naive self.

Ed and Raoul are good life mentors for her as she learns about how the world works. They don’t coddle her, which is a nice thing. They’re both very blunt, but Ed is more blunt than Raoul. Ed pretty much the opposite of Ana-Maria in every way. He lost everything so he had to experience the cruelty of the world for a long time. Ana-Maria just got started. We will never know if Ana-Maria will become a mature person because this game ended its service.

All I can say is that would Ana-Maria be the type of person to change? Will she use these experiences to overthrow August? The only thing I can do regarding these characters is speculate. I know Ana-Maria desires freedom and enjoys her new life, but does she ever think about the people back at her manor? Did they die?

If there is something I look forward to, it is Ana-Maria meeting Laplace. I know for a fact it will be comedic as heck.

My opinions on Ana-Maria’s gameplay remains the same from her previous episode. However, having Ed and Raoul as backup is pretty helpful. However, her gameplay is smoother due to the update, so she doesn’t pause as much during the Iai stance. That’s a good thing.

Overall, I do like how these Adventurers episodes are in sequential order and not all over the place (with Lydie’s being the only exception). I just hope that Ana-Maria’s next episode would be an episode that only focuses on her and not have Charles around. I think having him around hinders her growth. I also want to see an episode where she bonds with Lydie since she and Lydie have the least amount of scenes together. If they’re gonna travel together, at least make their newfound friendship believable. I do think this is a good start for what episode 2 brings to the table for the plot and for the characters.

Also, I wanted to see Charles all sliced up…I just want to know if he’s human or a robot…

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