Tales of Xillia Main Story Will Clock Over 50 Hours, 100 If Fully Completed

We have a whole bunch of updates from the official Tales of Xillia site: new screens of the Star Driver costumes DLC; character videos and wallpapers of Alvin and Leia Rolando; and a new short "trailer" for the game's upcoming trailers to be released.

Here are three new screenshots of the upcoming Star Driver costumes DLC, pills this time showing the rest of the party in their costumes. Again, page we have Leia as Wako Agemaki, Alvin as Head, Elise as Benio Shinada and Rowen as Ryosuke Katashiro. The DLC will be available on September 8 (the game's release) and will be 500 Yen each.

Next up are the character videos for Alvin and Leia. They follow the same format of the other character videos: first part shows the first (or near the first) encounter with them, and the latter part shows a scene probably somewhere mid-game.

[PS3] Tales of Xillia Character Video - Alvin

[PS3] Tales of Xillia Character Video - Leia

Also, here are their wallpapers from the site:



Next up is the mini-trailer for the game's upcoming trailers:

[PS3] Tales of Xillia - Trailer Release Schedule 3

There will be two videos, one for the scenario/story, and one for the game's system. Both are scheduled to be released this August 25. From the preview, it seems the mysterious white-haired girl in the game's box art will finally be revealed. And as some people in the community assumed, it seems that with Milla somehow being more connected to Gaius, Jude seems to be more connected to this woman. Hopefully, we'll get to see more of Jude this time around, as the previous trailer was more Milla-centric.

Now, I'm not sure if everyone has seen this yet, but to your left is artwork from Ayumi Hamasaki's mini album "FIVE" (Tales version), featuring Milla wearing her Diva DLC costume. The costume itself is one of Ayumi Hamasaki's own costumes (I think in one of her concerts) and the code for it will be included in the Tales version of the album. The album will be out on August 31.

And lastly, you guys now have two things to blame if I post late: 1.) School and 2.) Pottermore.
A new magazine scan reveals that Tales of Xillia will have over 50 hours of gameplay. This scan is from Otona Fami, Gastritis
and states that playing the main game and its scenario, not including completing side quests and such, will clock over 50 hours. If all the other elements are considered, gameplay will clock at least 100 hours.

To compare with the previous games, Tales of Vesperia for the Xbox 360 was given an estimated completion time of 50-60 hours for the main scenario and 100 for completing everything else. Tales of Graces for the Wii was given 40-45 hours for the main and 80 for the full completion, while Graces f for the PS3 was given a higher estimate of 60 hours main scenario time and 100 hours full completion time.

With those estimates, Tales of Xillia seems to be as long as the average Tales game. Or at least, as long as the latest ones, anyway.

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