UPDATED - Tales of Zestiria Game English Cast Returns For Tales of Zestiria the X English Dub

First English dubbed episode to premiere August 3rd.

Funimation has revealed their list of voice actors for the English dub of Tales of Zestiria the X, which will premiere on August 3, 2016, 8:30PM Eastern Time via Funimation's Funimation Now service.

UPDATED (08/12/2016): With episode #01 of the dub now released, majority of those who watched it attest that Mikleo's anime voice sounds exactly the same as his game voice, so it's probably still Michael Johnston playing him but is under the pseudonym "Philip Lamont."

The following is the list of voice actors for Tales of Zestiria the X, headed by voice directors Tyler Walker and Christian LaMonte:

  • Sorey - Robbie Daymond
  • Mikleo - Philip Lamont
  • Alisha - Alexis Tipton
  • Rose - Caitlin Glass
  • Zaveid - Ian Sinclair
  • Dezel - Chris Niosi
  • Symonne - Christine Marie Cabanos
  • Bartlow - T. Alexrod
  • Lailah - Carrie Keranen
  • Edna - Kira Buckland
  • Lunarre - Austin Tindle

From the list, I did a quick check and it seems all the previous Tales of Zestiria English cast are reprising their roles, with the exception of Mikleo, who was voiced my Michael Johnston in the game. I can't speak for the voice actors of Bartlow and Lunarre though, as their game voice actors weren't made public. I heard Lunarre in the game was voiced by Ben Diskin, but I couldn't find a concrete source apart from fans saying he sounds like Ben Diskin.

Funimation's article is a bit misleading since, quoting them, "many of the original voice actors from the game will be reprising their roles for the English Broadcast Dub," meaning not all of them will reprise their roles, but majority will. However, immediately after the line above, they mention this: "Wanna know who’s coming back for the anime version? Check out the list below!" which, if I understand correctly, means that all those listed in their full list are from the game. I'm not entirely sure what they mean at this point. *shrugs*

A quick Google search on "Philip Lamont" will not lead you to any voice actor. Fans are currently speculating that Philip Lamont may just be an alias that Michael Johnston is currently using for this project, as "Philip Lamont" is a character from upcoming movie The Exorcist. As to why they arrived at that conclusion, I'm not entirely sure.

So, it's either Michael Johnston or it's not Michael Johnston, but actually someone named Philip Lamont. Maybe we'll find out once episode #01 (2nd episode) reels in.

Anyway, the first English dubbed episode will premiere on August 3, 2016, 8:30PM Eastern Time via Funimation's Funimation Now service for those in the US.

Tales of Zestiria the X
Tales of Zestiria the XThe Tales of Zestiria the X anime (read as "the Cross") is a TV series adaptation of Tales of Zestiria that was first announced during Tales of Festival 2015 as the "Tales of 20th Anniversary Animation". The animation is done by ufotable. The first season aired during Summer 2016, with a second season confirmed for 2017. Its tagline is "The Journeys of the Shepherd go beyond Zestiria," and shows hints of connections with Tales of Berseria

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  • emlfuryoflion

    August 3rd for the english dub? That's sooner than I was expecting. Can't wait to see it 🙂

  • Void

    I really hope that's an alias and that Michael Johnston is still going to voice Mikleo. Having an 18 year-old character voiced by an actual 18 year-old was so refreshing, and while Ryota Oosaka gives us a great white-haired bishounen, Mikleo's english voice was really just something special. (also because I need to hear english Mikleo say that "Men have to be cool" desperately)

  • Ahmad Arzmi

    I'm actually interested to see who's voicing Velvet and whether or not she will return for the game.

    • a745

      Wait, wow. Oh yeah!

    • Kratos Aurion Plays Youtube

      That's a good point. I never even thought about that.

  • itsameluigi1290

    Hm, no Sergei? I hope Xander Mobus returns... Maybe it's just too early.

    • At the rate the anime's story is progressing, and given that episodes 5 and 6 will be Tales of Berseria content, we may be quite a ways away from Sergei showing up. If rumors of a second seasons are true, maybe he shows up then?

      • itsameluigi1290

        Oh, I don't doubt he's returning. I'm just hoping he's still voiced by Mobus, since he wasn't in the list.

        • Right; I was just speculating why he may not be in the list. I can't imagine anyone else saying, "OH, FRAPTUOUS DAY!" XD

          • itsameluigi1290

            Ah, okay.

            He's so good. I hope Sergei gets an awesome fighting scene, the fights so far have been incredible, even the first fight against Lunarre!

          • The game version of that fight made me feel like I could've sneezed on Lunarre and killed him if not interrupted by the cut scene, but the anime actually makes it feel like Sorey and Mikleo are actually having to work for it.

          • itsameluigi1290

            I know! I love how they're doing this. I've played through the game twice but the anime makes it really unique with stuff like this (not to mention the Berseria crossover episodes we'really getting).

  • Did Mikleo's VA's voice drop? I might be able to see why they changed it there =-

  • zip

    This gives me a bit of hope for a Tales of Symphonia english dub. Dat Kratos voice is awesome.

  • Kirvee

    My friends and I were speculating that the reason for it being an alias is because Michael's probably a union VA. This isn't the first time he hasn't used his real name. But we won't know til we hear him.

    • I'm curious why he used his real name in the game, then. I admit ignorance as to how VA unions work, but why would not using his real name matter? IMDB would out him eventually anyway, if he was going to get in trouble for it.

  • DarknessNugget

    I wish I could watch it, dangit! XS
    And Meebo is my fave! I've been super curious about his engish VA since the list came out...

  • Shon

    Considering that the voice cast for this game in particular was horrible (as if they knew they didn't had to make too much effort since the game will come with jap audio to the west) unlike Vesperia, I don't really care either way xD

    Some video showed both scenes in eng and jap dub to check people commits, the result was obvious and the jap audio won, I am aware that each one have his own taste and that we can get used to them to the point the jap audio may sound the inferior to us,

    but when you compared the jap and eng in terms of many other things like sound different, The Feeling that the voice carried for the character, the situation and words (since jap have many words that the English's dictionary don't have and they have to cover it with other words that are less fit to the situation or just changing few terms/words to fit to the western audience (too bad the sub is also like that but hay at least we can still hear them and understand it ourselves if we have low knowledge in jap xD) the result sometimes sound rather awkward

    I tested the eng dub next to the jap many times, the eng one imo was so horrible it was hard to notice the voices differences while in the jap case I could do it right away with my eyes close

    • InfinityAge11

      Everything you've said here is such a rehash though, I've read people spout the same thing 100+ times. Its all only your opinion. For instance, I absolutely cannot stand Sorey's Japanese voice. Its grating and annoying and I haven't been able to stand hearing that particular VA for a while now. I thought the english cast for Zestiria was great (definitely not horrible, come on) and am excited that they were able to get (maybe) the whole main cast back. Very interested to see if it really is Mikleo's original VA or not.

      • Shon

        I usually not really the type that bother reply to... well... anything I will say after that will sound rather offensive (And probably already was...), So instead my advise to you is that you should learn to read between the lines more carefully~

        • InfinityAge11

          I honestly can't understand what you're saying here. I wasn't trying to be mean and I dont think my comment sounded offensive at all. Was just making a reply to you coming in to an article about English VAs just to bash said English VAs, it didnt make a lot of sense.

          • Shon

            Oh no I didn't said you tried to be mean, just said that what I ganaa say probably is (Well can't say it not xD )

            But what I meanly meant was that you missed the part where I said it was My opinion (at least from what I understood from it)

            Anyway, anyone have his/her own taste in the matter and I respect it~
            Hope I didn't sounded too mean on my end

          • InfinityAge11

            Okay, its cool. We both got out what we wanted to say 🙂

  • a745

    Chill peeps.

  • FurthestSphinx

    I loved the English cast of Zestiria which I prefer more than the Japanese cast, especially Dezel's Voice Actor Chris Niosi who created the TOME web series. I only watched a few of his works on newgrounds and they were good. Check the dude out on youtube, he's cool.

  • Sapphire

    Personally, I loved the English cast. It's a shame Mikleo's VA not be dubbing him in ToZ-X 🙁

  • I watched the dub episode last night and, if Mikleo's VA isn't the same man using a different name, then it's his near-identical-voice-double, because it sounded like game-Mikleo =-p Just as an FYI.

    • a745

      Awesome! I've heard some accounts and they said that it really sounds like him, so it's probably still Michael Johnston using a pseudonym.

  • Azgorath

    Mikleo's English dub VA has been changed in episode 9 unless my ears or headphones are playing tricks on me

    • MegaBoy740

      Yep it's definitely not the same voice. I can only hope he couldn't do this one episode and he'll be back? 🙁

      The new voice sounds like Aaron Dismuke to me.

    • a745
    • Azgorath

      yay its back to normal in episode 10 X-D