Even More Confirmation of Tales of Vesperia PS3 Getting Localized?

Last month, fireguardiancoty (FireG from the Tales Forums) shared with us some dialogue he had together with Yuri Lowell's English voice actor, Troy Baker, regarding a localization for Tales of Vesperia PS3 possibly in the works (here).

This time around, someone from the VGChartz Forumfurther backs up this story, claiming that Troy Baker has once again mentioned that he has been called back to do scenes for the game while having a chat with him at the London Expo. You can view the growing thread here. The guy even has pictures with Troy Baker.

As usual, this could be false info, or it could be for real. If this is genuine, keep in mind that some projects could even get scrapped despite having done some VA work already. The last thing I want to think about is Troy Baker pulling everyone's leg, so let's hope that isn't the case. Once again, this doesn't count as an official confirmation at all. Just, a little icing on the cake to put our hopes up :.

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