Namco Bandai Promises A Lot More Support For the Tales of Series in The Future

This is practically music to the ears of the Tales community... probably. In an interview of ShackNews with Josh Sepielli, Namco Bandai's Brand Manager, we get to hear what the company has in store for the series. So far, we're liking what we're hearing... though only by a little bit.

Sepielli states that in the future, Namdai will be trying to be more "international" about the series, meaning trying to get the JP and US/EU release dates closer together. As compared to when they released Vesperia, they actually have more coordination with the JP branch now when it comes to gathering information.

When asked if Tales of Xillia will ever be getting any light in the US, Sepielli replies that there will be more support for the series in the future, but:

"The fan base is very hardcore; but at the same time, they don't make a very large audience. I'd be lying to you if I said if these games bomb, they're going to turn around and make Xillia."

It kind of contradicts the whole "The decision to localize Xillia won't depend on Graces F's sales in any way" from this previous interview, but they are from different branches (US and EU), so I'm not really sure.

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