Win A Tales of Xillia PS3 and Lunch With Hideo Baba At London's MCM Expo! (UK)

*NOTE: UK only.

Are you going to London's upcoming MCM Expo? Well, you're in luck! Namco Bandai Games UK will be holding a Tales of competition to find the biggest fans of the series, and you could win a Tales of Xillia PS3 console AND lunch with Tales of Series producer Hideo Baba!

The contest proper will specifically be on May 25, 2013 of the expo. Starting from 10am until 10:30am, Namco Bandai UK will be taking over the main stage to "look for the biggest Tales of fans in the universe." Whether you’re an artist, musician, cosplayer, dancer or have any other hidden talents that relate to Tales of Series, Namco Bandai UK and Baba-San want to see them!

All you need to do is turn up at the main stage by 10am and Baba-San, the man himself, will judge and vote for his favourite three ‘Tales of’ submissions.

The 1st place prize is the Tales of Xillia X Edition PlayStation 3 Console which was out during the game's Japanese release, as well as that lunch with Baba-san.

The 2nd place prize is one copy of the Tales of Xillia Milla Maxwell Collector's Edition and the 3rd place prize is the Tales of Xillia Day One Edition. Both tiers also include that lunch with Baba-san.

Entries will be at a first-come, first-served basis, so try to be early. You can get more information here or at their Facebook post (visible to UK citizens only).

Tales of Xillia will be released in the US on August 6, 2013 and in Europe on August 9, 2013. Pre-orders are now available at the following places:

Tales of Xillia (Regular US Version) - Play-Asia | GameStop | Amazon
Tales of Xillia (CE US Version) - GameStop | Amazon
Tales of Xillia (Regular EU Version) - Zavvi | | | | Play-Asia
Tales of Xillia (CE EU Version) - Namco Bandai

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