Tales of Xillia 2: New Info on Gaius, Musee, Ridou and Chronos (UPDATED)

Here's new info about Gaius, Musee, Ridou and Chronos from the latest issue of Famitsu magazine. There are also new features in the game's system.

UPDATED with scans:

Famitsu.com also has an article on this up now with screenshots. You can view it here.

- The first king of the union between La Shugall and A Jule. Though he has appointed Rowen as Prime Minister, he himself is busy with trying to reach a diplomacy with Elenpios and ruling the united La Shugall and A Jule. In order to find a solution to a certain problem, he's been hiding his social status and going out in the streets to hear out the populace's opinions. In the middle of his travels, he calls himself by his real name, Arst Outway.

Gaius's Special Ability: Revenger
- Gaius can guard from an enemy's attack and immediately front step and respond with a powerful counter.

Gaius's Support Ability: Spread Force
- Whenever Gaius will successfully the Master, his and the Master's TP consumption will be reduced, enemy weakness will be added to the attacks, and will always result in a knock back.

- Milla's older sister who is a spirit that has the power to cut through dimensions. She had been living with Milla in the spirit world, but is now in the human world to fulfill her goals. The madness she once had regarding Milla has now disappeared, and she now possesses a unique, playful and honest personality. Despite acting like an older sister, she tends to lack common sense sometimes.

Musee's Special Ability: Rieve Assault
- If Musee is knocked back by an attack, she can warp around the battle field with the front step or back step commands.

Musee's Support Ability: Tractor Move
- Musee can instantly teleport the Master away. Enemy attacks can also be dodged because of the long range of her steps.

Ridou (CV: Koji Yusa)
"Let's uphold the rules of the company, Ludger-kun."
- A doctor agent from Clanspia proficient in Medical Technology and has apparently developed a new drug. Though as popular as Julius, there are rumors that he apparently cheated money off of someone using an unapproved cure. He hides his obsession with wealth and fame through his behavior.

Chronos (CV: Junichi Suwabe)
"Let me show you that there are things in this world that cannot be destroyed"
- A Great Spirit and is one of the three first Spirits along with Origin and Maxwell. He is the guardian of the Land of Canaan in the human world. He is related to the creation of the alternate worlds, as well as to the Kresnik family.

Game System Info:

Arosal Orb (I'm not sure I romanized that right...)
- The Arosal Orb was developed in place of the previous game's Liliale Orb's, which have now been rendered useless because the division between the two worlds has been severed and there is now a great torrent of mana. In battle, "Energy" can be absorbed into the Orb via an Absorber, and this can be used to learn artes and skills which will vary per character. The thing apparently has these bands or rings and such corresponding to the elements, and this interacts with the orb's Elemental Core. As an example, to learn the skill "Rapid Range", you'll need 230 Energy in the fire ring and 230 energy in the wind ring.

Cat Dispatch Quest
- In the same building that Ludger lives in is a lady that loves cats. Apparently, some of her cats ran away, so she's requesting Ludger to find them. Once you find a cat, you can actually send them out somewhere, and they'll be back after a while with raw materials, weapons or even attachments.

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