New Tales of Graces f Screen Shots With a Little Bit of Information

A total of 35 new screen shots of Tales of Graces f from 4Gamer has been added to the gallery.

The article itself from 4Gamer talks mainly about the new character Little Queen, Hubert Ozwell, Pascal, Game System components such as the Groovy Chat, new Attachments feature, Arles Pot and Duarise, new cards for the Karta mini-game, Costumes and new sub-events. Things of note is this curious screen shot of Malik and NPC Victoria sporting matching swimsuits in one of the new sub-events. Also in the post-ending arc, it seems that the player can still choose to have Sophie wear her default (or other) costume, seeing as her post-ending get-up is found under the Costumes list with the name "Sophie-chan".

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