Abyssal Chronicles' Big 777 Promo! Want To Win A Copy of Tales of Xillia (JP)?

You guys will recall that I asked on Twitter/Facebook a bunch of days ago about which version of Tales of Xillia you'd prefer to get, either the Japanese or the Asian version. Well, I didn't ask that for the heck of it, and I most certainly didn't ask that because I was wondering what I should buy for myself (Why does everyone think I ask those for myself...?). I needed that info to decide what to give away, in a little contest of sorts, and I just waited for the right time to do so. So, the time is finally ripe (i.e. AC now has 700 Facebook fans, 700 Twitter followers and 700 YouTube subscribers, hence this is called The Big 777 Promo). The winner will get a copy of Tales of Xillia (JP version). To be precise, AC will pre-order it from either Play-Asia or YesAsia, and have them ship it to the winner.

First off, this isn't the "big contest" that AC is supposed to have once the site's Version 3 is out. This is a warm-up of sorts, as Version 3 might take a while to be released. This contest is similar to what we'll have in the big contest, but expect it to be at a much more grander scale, both the contest itself and the prizes. Blame Medical school.

I'll be posting the details/guidelines on Sunday, 19 June 2011, 22:00 PDT, Los Angeles, California time (or Monday, 20 June 2011, 1:00pm PHT, Manila, Philippines time. Er, I used a timezone converter for the LA time, so I'm not sure how accurate it is). You need no special skills in order to join the contest. You only need your wits (actually, not really, it's not that big a task). The only requirement is that you have to be sure that either Play-Asia OR YesAsia ships that particular product to your country (i.e. in the case of some of you living in some select areas of Europe where Play-Asia cannot ship Sony products to, we'll be using YesAsia definitely). And since this is a pre-order, the winner won't be getting the game until the game's actual release date.

You guys don't need to fret since this won't be a "first one to do it wins" kind of contest. The winner will be chosen among those who can complete the given task by a random draw.

We're able to give out these contests because of your support, and you can expect more in the future as long as you continue to support us. The best way of supporting us is buying stuff from Play-Asia using our Affiliate Link. Rest assured that everything we get from there goes back to you in the form of contests, and more (Around 50% of the funds are actually coming from my own earnings as a graphic designer which were supposed to be for my own PS3 fund but anyway. I take commissions and stuff. Seriously. It's all for you guys. AC is practically one of the best things I have in my life, and this is a token of my appreciation, in a way.)

So, stay tuned tomorrow at when I give out the details. The contest will only span a couple of days, so the earlier you see the details, the better! All questions about the promo shall be answered tomorrow, after I post the details.

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